2008 APIASF Scholarship Recipient Profiles

2007 APIASF Scholarship Awardee Profiles
The following are profiles received from 2008 scholarship recipients.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Robert Underwood, Mr. Ted Y. Mashima, Ms. Bindi Patel, and everyone at the Asian and Pacific Islander and American Scholarship Fund for choosing me as one of the scholarship recipients. Thank you all very much.

I am a college bound student with many goals. One of those goals is to someday become a Pediatrician that specializes in neonatal care. With that in mind, I not only want to focus in the success of my life, but the benefits it will give me to help others in need. The reason being, I feel that my life will not be complete without me sharing my knowledge and my love for caring of others, with those who are less fortunate than I am. Regardless their circumstances, I want to help people everywhere, especially children who are in need of medical care, shed some light, reassurance, and aid in giving the chance of a healthy and happy fulfilling life.

On April 28, it was my little brother's ninth birthday and on that very same day I received a letter from the APIASF, concerning that I am one of the scholarship recipients. I have never ran so fast, but that day I sprinted to my mom and siblings and told them the news. We are so greatful and thankful to the APIASF organization. Organizations such as the APIASF, gives many opportunities to scholars and I have been given that same opportunity and receiving a scholarship.

College is in August and I will be studying Pre-Med. I am looking forward to pursuing my dreams and a successful future ahead. Once again, thank you so much APIASF.

N. Cathy Abidin
Sebastian, FL

When I received my acceptance letters in March, one of the questions that came to my mind was "How am I going to pay for all of this?". Of course, I was happy to get accepted to these different colleges because I realized that it was an accomplishment, something I achieved with my hard work and endless effort. Coming from a low income family with my mother as the sole provider, the financial aspect of attending college was the most prominent.

I was always encouraged to search for scholarships and it wasn't until January of 2007 that I came upon the APIASF scholarship. I clicked away until I reached the application. There was finally one scholarship that included `Pakistani' as an Asian that I was eligible to apply for. I filled out the application, asked for a letter of recommendation from one of my best teachers, and wrote the 3 essays required. I mailed the scholarship application in and awaited any response.

A couple of months later, I received acknowledgment that I was selected to move on to the second phase of the competition which made me ecstatic. I sent in the required documents and awaited any final responses. It was at the end of April when I received a letter saying that I was the APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 school year. The day I received the letter in the mail, I showed it to my mom and she repeatedly said "Open it! Open it! Open it!". When I opened it and showed it to her, she was literally jumping for joy. She told me how proud and happy she was that I was awarded this scholarship. I was extremely happy and in awe when I actually read the letter. I am ever so grateful to APIASF and its sponsors for awarding me this scholarship. It will help me pay for my cost of attendance at University of California Irvine, better known as UCI. Two thousand dollars will definitely help me with fees I have to pay and will also prevent my parents from taking out loans to pay for my education.

My proposed major at UCI is Undecided. I am not quite sure what I would like to major in but the fields of Medicine and Psychology interest me. My career goal consists of attending a four year university and continuing my education until I get a masters or doctoral degree. I just want to be content with whatever profession I choose to pursue. I also want to make something out of myself so I don't struggle with the minute things that my parents are dealing with today.

Once again, thank you so much! I am very proud and honored to be selected as an APIASF scholarship recipient

Alishba Aleem
Carson, CA

I will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle.

I was born on February 8, 1989 in Seattle, Washington. I have two siblings, an older sister who is twenty and a younger brother who is fifteen. When I was eleven years old, my father died on June 18, 2000, which happened to be Father's Day. Diagnosed with diabetes, he had other complications including damage to his liver, pancreas, heart, and eyesight. He even underwent dialysis in our home every other day. He was in and out of the hospital for three years in which his life was filled with endless suffering. Since his death, my mother has been struggling to put my siblings and me through school as she assumes both roles of mother and father. It has been exceptionally difficult considering my brother is in high school and my sister is in college, which I will also be in the next school year.

I have high expectations for myself when it comes to educational and career goals. I would like to get around the same grades in college through hard work, determination, and motivation. Furthermore, I would like to get my Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing before going to medical school to become a Pediatrician. I know that going into the medical field requires many years of schooling, and one of my educational goals is to complete those years. I have always liked kids and have always wanted to be a doctor so I figured that being a Pediatrician would fulfill both my interests. Taking up a career that encompasses what I enjoy would make my career as a Pediatrician much more enjoyable to me.

The scholarship aid that I seek from the Kelly Foundation will help in realizing my goals. The Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship will help pay for my college education so that I can complete my schooling and start my career. This scholarship will help reduce the cost of my tuition that my mother has to pay. College now-a-days is expensive and income flow of money is limited so this scholarship will help me obtain my education and reach my goals.

When my family and I found out that I had won the APIASF scholarship, we were overjoyed. My mother was so proud because it meant fewer expenses. Throughout the school year, she and I looked for opportunities in which we can receive scholarships or financial aid to help pay for college. Fortunately, we stumbled across APIASF. Truthfully, I was a little reluctant on filling out the application form because I thought it was a rare chance that I would even win the scholarship. However, that is definitely not the case. I am completely honored to be a recipient of this scholarship. Thank you so much APIASF and all your generous supporters for giving me the opportunity to earn a university education. My family and I will not have to be so preoccupied about where to find the extra money because this scholarship fun will help us tremendously. I greatly appreciate your kindness and am thankful that I was awarded this wonderful scholarship.

Marites Bautista
Renton, WA

My name is Cecilia Burns, and will be a freshman in college. I plan to go into the major of modern languages and hopefully pursue a career in linguistics, interpreting, and being able to travel the world. When I found out i had received the APIASF scholarship, I WAS ECSTATIC!!! I mean I haven't been awarded any other scholarships and I applied for over 40 of them. So I was SO surprised and i felt very honored. I plan on attending Wright State University this fall, but prior to the fall I will be taking a few classes this summer to get a jump start on the long journey ahead of me. My families reaction was the same as mine, they couldn't believe it. The APIASF scholarship will help me pursue my goals in more ways than one, they will help me alleviate the economic stress that comes when trying to juggle work, school, and paying tuition, and it has given me even more motivation to go and seek my goals, and be the best i can be. I don't think that the APIASF foundation and staff members will ever know how grateful i am of their generous contribution. So i would like to thank them personally- it has truly been an honor. Thanks Again, for choosing me for this SPECTACULAR opportunity.

Cecilia Burns
Saint Paris, OH

In the fall of 2007, I will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I plan on studying Political Science, earning my Bachelor of Arts degree, and possibly going to law school afterwards. Politics and Government has been a large interest for me for quite some time now, and I want to make a difference in my community and my country. My hope is to become a prestigious lawyer, and to one day serve as one of our country's Supreme Court Justices. I know this goal seems quite far out there, but people always say to dream big, so why not?

The scholarship that has been offered to me through the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund is an absolute blessing to me and my family. I was on a trip for my band program performing in San Antonio for Choice Music Events when I received the phone call from my mother. There I was in the middle of Fiesta Texas, and I hear my mother's ecstatic voice as she tells me that I just received a scholarship. My heart leapt with joy as I listened to those words. My family and I are extremely grateful for this opportunity that the APIASF has provided me. College is getting more and more expensive each year, and every scholarship that is offered to a student is gladly accepted. I was absolutely overjoyed when my mother told me the great news, because I have seven more years of school left to go if I choose to attend law school. A constant worry and concern for me is how to pay for all of it.

Words cannot express how truly thankful I am for APIASF and all of its generous sponsors. I thank God for all of its supporters, as they have been a blessing to not just me, but other students in years past as well. Thank you for everything APIASF, and God Bless!

Lindsey Campbell
Rowlett, TX

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the APIASF and its generous sponsors. Thank you for this prestigious honor. My parents were ecstatic when they learned of the scholarship, and I was overjoyed as well.

Regarding college and beyond, I have my sights set on a medical profession. This may seem unexpected, given that a large part of my accomplishments to date are language-related, but it should not be. Samuel Johnson said, "Language is the instrument of the sciences." Words cover all disciplines. Perhaps actions speak louder than words, but words are far more articulate.

I intend to study electrical engineering while also enhancing my degree plan with science classes necessary for medical school preparation. I wish to pursue this course of study because I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of nature in its myriad aspects. I wish to study engineering because it involves the practical application of science to humanity's needs. I believe that engineering is what distinguishes humans from other living creatures: while other species merely blend in with their surroundings, as an engineer I can harness natural forces and create things not found in nature. This tendency has, and will continue to have, an enormous impact on the environment; it is why engineering is fundamentally important to every living thing. I chose electrical engineering because I have noticed people who have advanced degrees in research science and $400,000 worth of lab equipment, but if one of those devices experiences a simple glitch, such as a fuse blowing, they have no idea what happened or how to fix it. Sure, they could call a rep from the company, but while they are waiting, valuable time is being lost. Sensitive specimens could be decaying beyond use.

With the help of the APIASF Scholarship, I will be able to do more volunteer work for my community rather than working just to make money to put myself through college. Now I can focus more on learning and less on course fees. I might even be able to take classes that are not required but interest me; thus I can gain multidisciplinary expertise. I am infinitely grateful to you.

Sylvia Carroll
El Paso, TX

I was eight years old, a year after my father passed away, when I came alone from Hong Kong to San Francisco to establish my new life. I am now 18 years old and about to go to University of California, Los Angeles. For ten years, my mother has worked hard in China to support my sister and my grandmother, who are in China and I in America. The afternoon that I received the letter from APIASF to notify me about being the scholarship recipient from 2007-2008 must have been one of the best days of my life. I wondered if this was true. I wondered how I might have differed from the other applicants. I wondered how much this would help my mother. Immediately, I used a phone card to call her, despite the fact that it was two in the morning on the other side of the world. When she picked up, I ran through my words saying, " I know you are sleeping right now, but this is emergency, I just got a scholarship!" She screamed for joy while repeating, " good for you, good for you!" I love telling her these good news because I know in her mind she is thinking all her hard work is worth it.

In a few months, I will be going to college, UCLA. I have planned on studying double major in business and advertising design. I look forward to studying abroad as well, hopefully in Japan, where my father was from. I have studied Japanese in high school for three years, and I hope I can put it in good use. My mind is filled with goals that I want to achieve in the future, including studying in Beijing to improve my Chinese and going on missionary trips to third world countries. I am definitely aiming to travel to many places. Yet I will put all these experiences into my future career, and that is why I want to open an advertising design company, my way of expressing to the world.

I am determined to work hard because my mother has sacrificed so much for me. I am the first generation or even the first child in my family to be fortunate enough to come to America and go to college in America. But this would not be possible without the helping hands around me, including my guardians who took in me in, and my teachers and friends who helped me with my obstacles. Now I am going to college and APIASF has build a strong foundation for me. I can't express how grateful I am for the sponsors of this program. You have made a great difference in not only my life but my family's as well. I want to thank you for helping my mother. And on behave of my family, I want to thank you for being so generous.

Elisha Chan
San Francisco, CA

When my family and I found out that I had won the APIASF scholarship, we were thrilled!

This was an amazing opportunity for me and also made me realize the importance of dedication to education. With this generous scholarship, I will be able to pursue my Astrophysics major at Rice University. So that one day I may be able to work at NASA.

I sincerely wish to express my gratitude and thanks for the generosity that APIASF and its sponsors have provided me. It is a genuine honor to have been chosen as an APIASF scholarship recipient.

Ginnie Chan
Cypress, TX

When I first applied for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship, I never dreamed that I would be one of its recipients. This scholarship was one of the most competitive scholarships in the nation. When April came along, I received a pleasant surprise in the mail: an APIASF scholarship! It wasn't a full ride, but two thousand dollars goes a long way when it comes to the high cost of college tuition. Two thousand dollars could cover the cost of books, supplies and travel. For me, it would help reduce the amount of loans I would have to pay next year. I was ecstatic!

In the fall, I will be attending Cornell University to study international agriculture and rural development. I hope to be able to help people in the world who are less fortunate than those in the United States. I want to learn about the outside world and its people. In addition, I hope to double major in applied economics as well to supplement my studies in international agriculture. Using the skills that I will learn, I plan to travel the world in the future and help those who are in need. I hope to be an economist one day and join the Peace Corps. This scholarship will help me meet those goals. By being able to focus on my education and not on the amount of money that education will cost, I know that I can succeed in making a difference in the world.

I am truly grateful to everyone at APIASF and all its generous sponsors. Because of their commitment to the Asian community and its education, many aspiring students, like me, will be able to afford a college education. They will be able to follow their dreams, their passions and their interests. Most importantly, they will be able to make a difference in the world today. By showing their dedication to continuing education, APIASF has ensured us a bright future. Thank you, APIASF!

Melissa Chan
South Cairo, NY

To start, I am stunned with excitement and overwhelmed with gratitude for Robert Underwood, Ted Y. Mashima, and Bindi Patel. I would also like to shake the hands of all of the people that make the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund function, their families, and their vision in making it easier for students to follow their dreams and not get boggled down by the expenses of college costs. Music has been a very important influence in my life through it I have frown and found a love and a passion. I am eager to begin further education in music, and will be studying to become a major in Jazz Studies, along with performance degrees for Sting Bass, and Bass Trombone. I just want to keep playing and let the sounds lead the way. I have a lot of dreams about what I want to do and where I want to go in the future, like travel to Spain for a year and study abroad to learn the language, experience the culture, and play flamenco guitar. It is so hard to choose a specific career choice because there are so many possibilities in the wonderful realm on music, but I am definitely leading towards a possible career as a musical therapist, or a studio musician. My mother was shocked when I told her about the news. She is really proud of me, and is glad to see that I am working hard to get the scholarship money to help me through college. The APIASF fund has taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders and I smile now in a gasp of relief. Thanks to the fund I will be able to focus more of my time directly into my music without always worrying about the bills. School is still going to be tough, but every nickel is important and I am flustered with thanks and appreciation for everyone who helps put organizations like this together. Funds like these are very special and I intend on utilizing this scholarship to help me achieve my dreams.

Joshua Chang
Icline Village, NV

Hello, my name is Andy Chau and I am a current high school senior at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, a mildly populated school in San Francisco, California. Having been born and raised in the city of San Francisco, I am no stranger to the strengths of diversity and community. Although I've encountered countless people from all different backgrounds and cultures thus far into my life, I remain prideful of my own Asian American heritage and culture. Hence, I immediately took the opportunity to apply for the APIASF Scholarship once I was told about it.

Students are often encouraged to apply for scholarships because they will financially assist them in college. The way I see it, a scholarship is more of an investment for one's future. Although money is an important factor in any person's life, goals - specifically career goals, are vital to any college student's future prospects. I am a strong believer that the APIASF Scholarship will go a long way in not only helping me to fund my education, but also to motivate me to work even harder in college. Similarly, my parents were most overjoyed to hear that I had received this truly dignified award. In fact, I take extreme pride in having received this scholarship, for it is recognition from a group I respect most dearly - a group of Asian Americans of whom I can only dream of matching in success. I am positive that the APIASF Scholarship will enable me to reach my goals by allowing me the privilege of a stepping stone to success.

This success is not necessarily monetary; it also describes spiritual success. For as long as I can trace back through my childhood, I have desired to make a difference in the lives of others. This road has for many years, been geared specifically towards the healthcare field. Success in my eyes is discovering a job that one can truly arrive at early each morning, ready and eager to work. Healthcare is no doubt this sense of niche for me. Although I am still considering a variety of different and unique careers, I am positive that my future job will involve the usage and enhancement of the study of biological sciences in order to help people. Whether this road may be through dentistry or optometry, I will be satisfied as long as I will be able to do my part in sustaining the health and prosperity of the human race as a whole. For this reason, my major of undergraduate study will be under the broad spectrum of Molecular & Cellular Biology. In addition to my hopes for an accomplishing career, I would also like to someday experience educating people all over the world about healthcare and become an advocate or even a spokesperson for UNICEF or the Red Cross. Thus, I keep my mind optimistic and hard at work in hopes to ultimately reach my goals in life.

It is with great honor and respect that I accept the APIASF Scholarship. I must thank all of the various sponsors for creating this truly magnificent award and most of all for choosing me as one of the recipients. It is simply something that I take tremendous pride in and I thank all those that are affiliated with APIASF with utmost gratitude.

Andy Chau
San Francisco, CA

Growing up as a first generation Chinese American, the college application and financial aid process was unlike most of my peer's. I lacked the guidance from my parents because they grew up in a completely different society. For the first time, I was dependant on guidance counselors and my sister. Nevertheless, my parents are the backbone of my education and future. Though they could not provide knowledge, their support was through financial stability. My parent's humble work ethics are the key to my educational goals.

Getting into college is one thing, but being able to afford college for four years is something entirely different. In the spring term of my junior year, I joined the OPTIONS Center for Educational & Career Choice a nonprofit program which helps students to apply and make a smooth transition to college. Guided by my counselor's, Sandy Jimenez, assistance, I discovered the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund application. I applied in hopes of easing my family's financial burden. My search for scholarships was my personal way to express my gratitude to my parents. When I received the letter informing me of becoming the 2007- 2008 APIASF scholarship recipient, I was ecstatic to share the news with my family. We gathered around the dinner table overjoyed with my scholarship acceptance. This was two thousand dollars subtracted from my family's financial burden.

In recognition to the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, I will attend Stony Brook University next fall in the pursuit of a biology major in a premed direction. In addition, I will take courses in Chinese to improve my understanding of the language. Although I struggle with understanding the Chinese language and culture, it is vital that I connect with what is apart of my parent's identity so that I can understand my own. Through family and media influences, I am aware that thoughts and acts of suicide are a taboo in the Chinese community because suicide is not openly understood. Victims are forced to settle for fear of shock and lack of understanding from family and friends. Furthermore, a language barrier should not delay help for a family. There is an insufficient amount of psychiatrists who are fluent in Mandarin. Therefore, my desire is to master the Chinese language to assist future Chinese families with depression and mental disorders. With the generous aid of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, my hopes of becoming a fluent Chinese speaking psychiatrist is apparent and within reach. Thank you Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and sponsors for supporting some of my college finances and making the future brighter for all.

Lisa Chen
New York, NY

My mom always wanted me to become a doctor. I agreed with her. I wanted to become a pediatrician because I like kids and it would fulfill my mom's dream. That all changed when I found out what I had passion for.

It all started in 7th grade when I joined the Chinatown Beacon Center's Middle School Club. In the Middle School Club, I was able to plan events like the Thanksgiving Dinner and the Halloween Festival for my community. I gained leadership skills and even went from a participant in the program to a program coordinator. In my sophomore year in high school, I joined Adopt an Alleyway Youth Empowerment Project. Through Adopt an Alleyway, I've learned a lot about my history and struggles of my people, I learned how to stand up for what I believe in and advocate for what I think is right. With everything I've learned, I realized what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to help my community, my people.

I plan to major in Political Science because I feel like not many politicians come to my community to campaign, so my community has no political voice. No politicians now want to help fight my community's struggles and do something about it in the legislative sector. My life's goal is to become that person that has the voice that stands up for my community.

I want to thank everyone that made the APIASF possible. Without this scholarship, I wouldn't be able to go off to UC Davis without worrying how would pay for my tuition. I would also like to thank my mom, Alison Satake, Tiffany Vuong, Ben Wong, Jane Kim, Rosa Wong-Chie, Tim Ho, and everyone else for Adopt an Alleyway and the Chinatown Beacon Center. Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to make it! Big Big thanks to everyone again, the impact that you had made in my life will never be forgotten.

Queena Chen
San Francisco, CA

With the increasing cost of living and financial circumstances, I didn't know what I was going to do if I still wanted to continue my education through college. Ever since a few years ago, my mind set for attending college was unbreakably strong. I wanted to attend college because I wanted to further pursue a higher level of education, not because I'm following everybody else and not because my family told me to.

My ultimate career goal is to become an orthopedic doctor specializing in pediatrics. Several things contributed to this decision. One, I fractured my wrist several times in a few years, forcing me to go back to these doctors. Second, my initial decision was to just become a pediatrician. The thought of x-rays and bones really fascinated me so I took a step further to alter my career path specify my field. It is important to me because this is the type of job I will love to do everyday for the rest of my life. From all of the service I've given throughout my life, I've developed into a person who loves to give service to the community. I received a lot of help from various people through my hardships and I would like to help other people as well. But before I can start treating people, I need to accomplish college. At UC Berkeley, I plan to major in Molecular and Cell Biology to fulfill medical school requirements through their program.

APIASF will assist me in some of the financial situations that will certainly occur throughout all my educational life. With college and medical school in my path, there is no doubt I will be in debt by the time I finally receive my medical degree. I am very grateful to the APIASF sponsors for helping me continue my educational goals and assisting me in reaching my career goals.

When my parents discovered I won the scholarship, they were the typical Chinese parents who had an unanimated reaction. I knew, however, that just by the look in their face, they were proud of me. I also knew they appreciated organizations, such as the APIASF, for giving the chance to people in the real world to pursue a higher level of education. When I found out, I was surprised that such an award can be reality for a normal person like me. I am very fortunate to be a recipient of a scholarship specifically helping a distinct group of people. Again, I can't express how grateful I am to the APIASF sponsors for strengthening my hopes for reaching my ultimate goal.

Stanley Cheng
S. San Francisco, CA

I have given many thoughts in deciding my future. My major is to become a Pharmacist or a Doctor. I am thinking about finally making a decision by deciding on the courses I have enjoyed that will help me in my major. My career goal is to go to college and then go to medical school. I hope to get married and also keep a high grade point average during college. I was so happy when I found out that I had won this scholarship because I haven't received any others scholarship so far. My parents were also glad when they heard about me winning this scholarship and they hope that I can get other scholarships as well. This scholarship will help pay my tuition so I can focus on my education. I also hope that tuition won't become a barrier for me in completing my education. I want to say, "Thank you for giving me this scholarship. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you once again. May God bless and help you to have enough funding to support education. I know that college tuition goes up every year and some people can't afford to go to college. I thank you so much once again for giving me this scholarship. Now, I can accomplish my goal. Thank you."

Boney Cherian
Yukon, OK

Within the next several years, I hope to develop the skills that are necessary to succeed in the work force. I plan to go to Ohio State University and study in the field of Electrical Engineering; which will lead to obtaining a good stable job within the work force. After I acquire a stable job, I will most likely be motivated to start a family and develop a good financial standing within the community. These goals that I have set for myself has due to the influences within my life. My father did not graduate from high school and has always pushed me in the direction of education showing me what will become of me if I did not get a good education in my life; which has influenced me into obtaining a good education. Going to Ohio State University is due to the fact that the school offers a good program for my major and I have relatives that have graduated from this University and I have witnessed the positive outcome of this school. The field of Electrical Engineering came from the influence of my uncle, who is an Electrical Engineer. When I was little, my uncle had already started to teach me about electronics and computers; and in doing so he stirred up and this interest within me. Finally my influence for developing a family is because I have witnessed all of the positive outcomes that have come from this and I wish that this positive variable will also be within my future.

When my family and I found out that I was a recipient for the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship, we were jumping with joy. This scholarship will be a great help when it comes to financing me through college and in turn I would like to thank the APIASF for their generous sponsorship. Without this scholarship, it would have been extremely difficult to pay for my college education, but with the support of APIASF, my future is much brighter and the stress of college has gone down immensely. Once again I would like to the APIASF for this scholarship.

Eric Cheung
Wickliffe, OH

As a Regents Scholar at the University of California Irvine, I will double major in Psychology and Biology, directing my paths towards graduate school and attaining a career in occupational therapy. Occupational therapy necessitates a comprehensive knowledge in the field of physiology and psychology, since an occupational therapist deals with the physical needs of a patient as well as the emotional, communicational requirements. I hope that as an occupational therapist, I will be able to not only rehabilitate the handicapped and ill, but also bring meaning into their lives by enabling them to independently accomplish the tasks they desire to accomplish and single-handedly reach those goals they want to reach.

Since I will be attending post-secondary school for at least six years to obtain a Bachelor's and Master's degree, I will need a lot of money to help me through these final years of study. My family and I were elated when we found out that I received the APIASF scholarship. With this scholarship, I feel that part of a large financial burden has been lifted off my household. I will be able to save this scholarship for when I attend a prestigious graduate school. Now, I know that there is hope for me to continue on to enter a top school with an Occupational Therapy program without having to worry about monetary issues.

I want to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors for providing me a clear path towards a bright future. By moving any financial problems out of my way, APIASF has greatly eased my journey towards my future endeavors, and this will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Marilyn Chiu
Irvine, CA

My major will be in Human Biology for now as a freshman in college. My career goal is to become a medical doctor, but I have yet to decide a specialty. I will attend college and see which field I would like be involved in. My mother and I were very excited and pleased to see that APIASF Scholarship Fund would choose me to be a scholarship recipient. This scholarship will help pursue my goals by providing me with the funds to attend college and receive and excellent education. I thank APIASF for everything the organization has done for me. We could not thank you enough.

David Choi
Huntington Beach, CA

Have you ever been sparked by a dream that you have always wanted to pursue? That's exactly what happened to me. Early on, I took a major interest in history and astronomy. Now, as a senior at St. Joseph Jr. / Sr. High School, I am planning my future as I prepare to enter college.

The classes that I have been taking over the years are ones that I know will help me achieve my goal. History classes have always been enjoyable and informative. This year, I am taking AP Government. I am also a teaching assistant for the Modern Hawai’ian History class; I have been able to help others attain a great grasp on history.

Science has played a pivotal role in my life. I have been a participant in the Symposium for Science and Sustainability for two years, as well as being an integral member of the Science Bowl team for three years. I am currently taking AP Chemistry.

My other classes include AP English, Spanish IV, Religion, and Applied Graphics. Although I have a very full schedule, I assist my Spanish teacher in the kitchen, serving breakfast to eager students in the mornings. I am also responsible for the raising of the flag in the morning and for its folding and storage at the end of every school day. I am a member of the National Honor Society. Over the past three years I have been the sole recipient for the Cottington Scholarship for Gifted and Talented Students.

After receiving news that I had received the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship, my family and I were extremely excited that I had become a recipient of this prestigious scholarship. I feel honored in receiving this scholarship because with the monies supplied by this scholarship, I will be able to attend college, and I will then be able to pursue my dream of becoming a historian or an astronomer. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and its sponsors for assisting me in my drive to pursue advanced education and my dream profession(s).

To further assist me in achieving my goals I volunteer at `Imiloa Astronomy Center. The experiences that I gain volunteering have allowed me to enhance my astronomy background. By volunteering at `Imiloa as a tour guide, I am able to serve the community by educating them about the field of astronomy and the Hawai’ian culture. Following my graduation from St. Joseph's High School, I will become involved in activities that will benefit the community that I will be residing in upon entering college.

I enjoy listening to music, reading books, following sports, and working with computers. My family and friends have been instrumental in guiding me throughout my life. I realize that the path I will take in life will allow me to gain knowledge and wisdom, and enable me to touch the lives of fellow human beings.

Bruce Chun
Hilo, HI

Tuo che, my Chinese heart thanks you. Cam on, my Vietnamese heart thanks you too. Who would've thought that a girl like me might have the opportunity to go to school in America. Moving from Vietnam to Hong Kong and back to Vietnam in 12 years, never once attending school, this was my path. This is how I came to you. Now, my dreams for the future can come true.

I plan to major in Business. My goals are to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business (International Business)/Entrepreneurship, enjoy a life of broad interests and maintain a close relationship with my family. I would like to develop a business career path that includes the languages that I speak (Chinese, Vietnamese, and English), international travel, interacting with people of diverse cultures, and possibly, law. I would also like to own a business one day.

When I received this scholarship, my mother cried and my father said, "I knew you'd get it." Both of them are very proud of me and feel honored that I received this scholarship. Growing up in a first generation family in the United States and being the first in the household to go to college, places a tremendous amount of pressure on my shoulders. However, when I received this letter, I was relieved. My parents are right about all the possibilities out there for me and everyone else. My parents were surprised that out of so many applicants with better writing skills than me, I was selected to be one of the recipients for this scholarship - I can't believe it either!

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund has given me a sense of belonging to an Asian community that I did not know existed. To be acknowledged by you makes me feel so proud because you believe in me - that I am capable of anything. Thank you for believing in me.

This scholarship will give me the financial freedom to focus on my studies. Currently, I word 20 hours a week and go to school full-time. Without this scholarship, I would have needed a second job just to pay tuition. Again, thank you. This award also serves as additional motivation for me to do well in my studies so I may show you that I am worthy and deserve to reapply for this scholarship every year.

Once again, my parents and I would like to thank the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for recognize my hard work for the past nine years.

Myanh Diep
Tucson, AZ

I am planning to attend City College this fall and major in Biochemistry. I chose this major because I find the subject of biochemistry to be fascinating. The excitement and challenge of working in a laboratory attracts me to the field. I hope I can discover things and research in areas that can benefit our society. Since I was little, science has been a great interest of mine and I have always wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. The day when my family found out that I had won the APSIAF scholarship, we were all amazed and filled with tears. With the help of this scholarship I will further my education and the money will be used towards my books and tuition fees. The stress of not knowing where the money for college is going to come from can burden an already stressful life transition. That is why the APIASF Scholarship will be such an incredible blessing to me and all the winners. By helping to ease the burden of tuition expenses, I will be better equipped to deal with the other stresses of college life. By helping me to balance the load, I will be more able to pursue the demanding goals that I have set for myself and for my future. Receiving a scholarship will allow me to reduce the number of hours that I work at the local food market, which will then allow me more time to concentrate on my studies. Not only will APIASF lighten the burden of financing college education for all the scholarship winners, but also and more importantly, it recognized the hard work that we, the students, have put into academics and extracurricular activities. This recognition of our efforts motivates us to continue our hard work and allows us to believe that diligence and dedication are always rewarded. Therefore, my thanks to US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce and to all who support this wonderful organization and us because the members of this organization have truly made a difference in our lives.

Thinlay Dolma
Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to education, every penny counts and at the same time, every heart counts. It is a relief to know that there are wonderful people who care about tomorrow's leaders.

I remember returning home from school that Thursday and finding the envelope on the table. Seeing that it was from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, or APIASF, I immediately unsealed the envelope. I read the white sheet of paper first and realized that I had been chosen to become a recipient of the APIASF scholarship. Needless to say, I quickly told my parents and they shared my joy as well as my gratitude towards the members of APIASF.

While I cannot express my gratitude in words, I will do my best to convey it through my actions. I will be taking courses that will allow me to major in Physiology as well as minor in Business Management at the University of Arizona. From the beginning, I had worried that I would have to rely on loans in order to pursue my future goals, but now with the help of APIASF and its generous sponsors, I am glad to be relieved of the burden. Because of APIASF, I am a part of today's minds and definitely tomorrow's future.

Jeni Du
Tucson, AZ

When I was a child, my mother inadvertently spurred my interest in the science of chemistry when she bought me a chemistry play set for Christmas.

Mixing the chemicals together and watching their reactions fascinated me. I loved to observe the color changes that the liquids underwent in the test tubes. My interest in chemistry continued to blossom in grade school, where I learned about atoms and their subatomic particles. I was amazed to learn that these atoms joined together to create all matter: my desk, my pencil, and even me. In high school, I finally enrolled in a formal chemistry class. After sitting through the first few days, I fell in love with the subject. All of the labs were very fascinating. As I completed them, I recalled the feelings I felt when I was a child, playing with the chemistry play set. After taking the class, I decided that I wanted to pursue chemistry in college.

Envisioning my future in college was easy. Actually realizing my academic

goals, however, was an entirely different story. With the rising costs of education, student loan interest rates, and room and board rates, I could not help but wonder if I would be able to attain a degree in chemistry from the college of my dreams. Feeling flustered, I decided to search the Internet for scholarships that would help me finance my education. That was when I discovered the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF), an amazing organization devoted to the financial scholarship needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

A few months after I sent my application, I arrived home from school to find an APIASF letter on the kitchen counter. I carefully opened the envelope and removed the folded letter inside. "Here goes...," I thought to myself as I unfolded the piece of paper. When I realized that I had won the APIASF scholarship, I was ecstatic. I could not wait to share the good news with my family, especially with my mother. Not only did APIASF put me a step closer in the realization my college goals, the organization also helped relieve my family of the financial burden associated with getting a higher education.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to APIASF and its generous sponsors.

APIASF has rekindled my hope in achieving my higher education dreams, and for that, I am forever thankful. APIASF has had such a positive impact on my life, as well as the lives of many others. Because of APIASF, I can envision myself living my dreams. APIASF is truly an amazing organization!

Ellen Duong
Woonsocket, RI

I was born in South Vietnam, and came here five years ago when I was twelve years old. Next year, I will be attending the University of Houston, majoring in Pharmacy. Now as a high school senior, I am taking advantage of all the educational opportunities that I have had to prepare for college; college will prepare me for my career and my life. My goal is to be a pharmacist in the future and a helpful person to the Asian community. It was really exciting for me to find out that our Asian community has a scholarship for its own. The moment that my whole family learnt that I am the recipient of this special scholarship for Asian, they were very surprised and happy, especially my mom and my dad. My parents had left everything behind in Vietnam to come to this country because of my brothers and me. They want us to have better lives than they are having right now and they always tell us three that education is the most important thing that we need to have in order to get to success. The scholarship that I receive from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund will help me a lot in achieving my dream. It will help me pay the book fees and supplies in college next year. I would like to give special thanks to APIASF and its generous sponsors, the Asian community is very lucky to have these generous and kind-hearted people as sponsors. The APIASF scholarship will help me fulfill my goal in the future; $2000 will make a lot of difference in my life. I also believe that in the future, our Asian community will become even stronger than before.

Ha Duong
Houston, TX

Words cannot describe how fortunate and blessed I am to receive this generous gift from caring people. This gift is more than just tuition money, but further more represents a community that looks after the needs and charity of others. What was more satisfying than my overwhelmed reaction after reading the acceptance scholarship letter, was watching my dad secretly wipe away a tear from his cheek. His relief became my relief, as I understand the financial demands that burden my family. Although I am only a young adult, I have learned to value the worth of money, and relieving the financial pressure from my parents is something I continually strive to reach and accomplish. This scholarship directly affects my future in my path to a strong education, so that one day, I may make a difference in the lives of others, just as the APIASF scholarship has done for me.

I have been surrounded by people who care so much about other people's welfare, that they dedicate their entire lives to earn the trust and responsibility of holding one's life in their hand. As I used to sit beside my father at his hospital bed, dedicated cardiologists would go out of their way to assure that my father lived another day. It is because of these doctors that I am motivated to walk in their shoes, in those hallways, and to be used as a tool in changing the lives of other people. As I volunteer at the veteran's hospital or a Down syndrome clinic, I experience a piece of the joy and satisfaction of a doctor, as the patient smiles after surgery or for the first time feels accepted in this safe environment. I see my purpose and calling in this field, and know that this job will bring out my full potential and joy.

As a first year undergraduate at the University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA), I anticipate the wondrous opportunities that will shape my career goals and life. Majoring in Human Biology will prepare me in a background of the Sciences and particularly the human body. From here, I plan to graduate and attend medical school, where I will intern and later take my residency. Looking at my future educational path, I see the APIASF scholarship as my first step into a successful future.

As I envision walking across the stage with a diploma in my hand, I will not forget the generosity you have bestowed upon me. There will be many steps in the ladder of my educational timeline, but I will always appreciate how the APIASF scholarship helped me on my first step. For the first step makes every other step easier and more approachable.

Monika Eckold
San Jose, CA

To begin, I would like to personally thank the APIASF scholarship committee for selecting me as one of the many deserving students who have been given this prestigious honor as an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic year. It is just a great honor to be chosen and I will forever be indebted to the APIASF committee.

Beginning in the fall semester of 2007, I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. By receiving this scholarship award I will be bale to begin my journey by laying the foundational work that is needed to pursue my long-term educational goals and to fulfill my place and purpose in society. My future goals in studying mechanical engineering is to receive the necessary tools, resources and the proper education in the field to be able to design and fabricate mechanical parts to upgrade and advance technology concerning medical instruments/machinery. To possess the ability to plan and toassist in the manufacturing of new medical instruments/machinery would be my way of helping those who need medical assistance universally.

I know first hand that in my homeland of American Samoa, we definitely need assistance at the one and only hospital on our island. And to have ownership of the necessary education and ability and given the opportunity to administer this knowledge can only elevate and intensify the standard of medical assistance for our people, and this would bring me great satisfaction knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of others.

Concerning my family's reaction when I gave them the news of selection to the APIASF scholarship. My mother was very ecstatic and began to cry. My father, who is the quiet type, shook my hand and gave me a big hug, both of them have been so supportive throughout my educational journey and football career, and they are the most positive and encouraging parents in the word. My oldest sister Seine, who attend the University of Hawai’i at Chaminade, was so elated, and my other sister Shanyl who is a sophomore at Long Beach State University, was equally happy for me. Our youngest brother Wessen who is 10 years old, said, "Sean, you were lucky"...but he said in the way only he could have said it...with love, and that meant a lot to me.

In closing, to Mr. Robert Underwood, Mr. Ted Y. Mashima, and Bindi Patel and the APIASF scholarship committee and all the generous sponsors, I say in my native language FAAFETAI TELE LAVA, which means THANK YOU SO MUCH for selection me for this renowned and reputable reward. My prayer is the entire APIASF committee and all of the generous sponsors continue to be blessed, and to be a blessing to future applicants.

I am reminded of a Chinese proverb which says: "A 1000 step journey begins with the first step." APIASF you have now made it possible for me to take that "first step." Thank you and God Bless!

Sean Enesi
Carson, CA

When we opened the letter there was an overwhelming joy that flooded the room. As we read the letter it never seemed to really settle that I had been chosen as a recipient of this scholarship, that my dreams were starting to become reality.

Going to college wasn't much of a choice for me. I was college bound since the day I was born. It wasn't until later in my life that I actually knew that college would be the right path for me. It is much different when you're sure that this college is truly what you want and not something you have to do. For me, I love to learn to me it's like a thirst that can not be quenched. I was fortunate enough to have excellent educational experiences in my life and it played a big role in my decision to enter college. Choosing a career was a difficult task I wanted to do something that fit the person I am. Once I figured out a career what I wanted to major in kind of fell in my lap.

"California oranges, Arizona cactus here's a worksheet just for practice...go warriors!" I remember my chemistry teacher enthusiastically uttering these words every time we had homework. The chemistry class was very different from any other class I had taken before. My teacher had what he called a "silver spoon of knowledge" in which he would jokingly tease us that if we fell behind we would be buried by it. As a result, I never fell behind. It was his enthusiasm for this physical science that interested me about chemistry. In fact, that is why I have chosen to major in Chemistry with the Bio option.

Regardless of what my major may say about me I do not want to be a Biochemist. I want to be a doctor. Not just any doctor but an Interventional Radiologist. These doctors are known for aiding in diagnosis as well as their cutting edge techniques now known as Angiography. It was a description like that, that I had heard from a UH Mānoa Medical student when I was a freshman. I became so interested in what he said that I researched it and I found a lot of interesting things about the career and that made me want to be one. I had always loved helping people and this was a good way to do it. Ever since that moment it has been my long-term goal to become an Interventional Radiologist.

Growing up in Hawai’i I never dreamed of endless opportunity. Opportunities like the one given to me by APIASF. The only dreams I had were to attend the Kamehameha Schools, to attend college and to become a doctor. I have had two wishes come true I attended the Kamehameha Schools Maui since the seventh grade and have been a child of Pauahi ever since. The second wish was to attend college and it hadn't been for scholarships being available like APIASF I wouldn't get this chance to attend yet another private school, Gonzaga University. APIASF has helped make my dream a reality.

Tristen Freitas
Wailuku, HI

Tuition is not the only financial burden a college student has. Living expenses, school materials, and other expenses are among them. As a future student, I find the cost of college overwhelming. Luckily, for struggling students like me, there are organizations such as the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund.

I decided to apply after hearing about the APIASF scholarship. When I found out that I was a recipient for the scholarship, I could not contain my excitement. I had never thought that I would be so fortunate to receive the scholarship. After reading the letter, I ran to reveal the news to the rest of my family. When my family heard of the news, they were overjoyed. The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund will aid me with the financial costs of college. Much of my time was spent worrying over how I would be able to afford college, and APIASF is giving me a chance to enter college with financial aid. It will help me with my tuition and my books. APIASF has given me a chance to enter college with less financial burden. I will be able to focus on my studies. My major at the moment is undecided, but I am interested in medical school as a possibility.

This will all be possible thanks to the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. I would like to thank the generous sponsors of APIASF as well for supporting such a wonderful organization. APIASF is truly making a difference in the lives of the next generation of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Through the APIASF, many students like me will be able to one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Lanie Fu
Bethlehem, PA

My name is Anne Catherine Gonzales and I am a proud recipient of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund.

When I found out that I won the APIASF scholarship, I was so thrilled with joy and happiness, knowing that I made it to receive this wonderful help towards gaining my important college education. My family and I were very happy and felt very lucky and blessed that I won this great, helpful scholarship.

I was so happy because I knew that this APIASF scholarship would greatly help me to pursue my goals. This $2,000 scholarship will help me fund my college education, where I will gain the important skills, knowledge, and education to use in my career and for the rest of my life.

This scholarship will help me pursue my main goal to become a Corporate Lawyer, because it will give me the aid to help pay for my college education. My intended major in college is Law, and my career goal is to become a Business Lawyer. APIASF will help me achieve this main goal of mine to become a Corporate Lawyer, where I will be able to fight for people's rights, help improve the economy, encourage ethical business practices, etc.... I will work towards this goal by attending Chaminade University of Honolulu.

Finally, I would like to thank the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all of its generous sponsors and supporters, for awarding me, Anne Catherine Gonzales, the APIASF scholarship. With this generous aid, I will be able to afford an excellent college education, where I will learn much to prepare for my career as a Corporate Lawyer. I am very grateful and appreciative for this scholarship, and feel very very honored to be receiving this APIASF scholarship. Thank you APIASF and all of your generous sponsors!

Anne Catherine Gonzales
Honolulu, HI

I am very honored to be chosen to receive a scholarship from the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. I will be attending the University of Virginia's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and I hope to major in biomedical engineering before going into medical school. I believe that biomedical engineering will help me be a better doctor because it is a fusion of modern technology, medicine, and problem solving. When my family and I received the letter in the mail about the award, I cannot express how happy we were. Our family situation has always been difficult. My mother is a single-parent raising two daughters, while also having her brother and parents live with us. My grandfather also recently died, but not before he knew of my achievement. I give my generous thanks to the APIASF and its sponsors; this award will not only help my family's financial situation, but bring me one step closer to my goal.

Katrina Gonzales
Virginia Beach, VA

My major in college will be Tourism & Hospitality. I have had many options during my senior Year but I happen to change my mind every now and then, but a few weeks before graduation, I Have decided that my major would be Tourism & Hospitality, because I have heard and read that this Program was designed to provide students with knowledge, skills and proper work habits. It also prepares students to perform proficiently in entry/intermediate positions or management in the area of Tour Service, Food & Beverage Operations, Hotel Operations, Hospitality Management and more that has caught my interests in studying when I get to college.

My career goal is to live independently. To have my own house, my own car, my own money my own space, my own everything, it was my goal ever since I was in elementary. And when it all happens, I will support my parents needs because without their support I wouldn't have gone that far. I love helping people, sick people, drug/ alcohol addicts, people with low self-esteem with big problems. I am a very sensitive and emotional person that cares so much about others, I have thought of becoming a nurse in the future but I was never sure of it. I want to help others, and to live my live Independently.

My Family was surprised when I showed them that I have won the APIASF Scholarship! Especially my parents were surprised because when I was filling the APIASF Scholarship Application, they said that it was a waste of time because my GPA was to low. Therefore, I went ahead In addition, filled it myself without their support and it broke my heart because they didn't believe in me. When I got the envelope, I was afraid to open it. However, when I did and saw that I won the Scholarship, I was so speechless I cried tears of so much joy unable to explain. I have proven myself to my parents and everyone who doubted me. I need this scholarship so much, without it, I will not be going to college this fall.

The APIASF Scholarship has already helped pursue my goals because now that I've won it, I am more confident and determined to go to college, to study what I mentioned earlier, to graduate With a degree, that will give me another opportunity to get a good job that deals with what I have studied in college. Through all my years in school, I have learned that the harder I work now, The better my future would be. I need that and this Scholarship has given me the Opportunity.

And finally, to the APIASF and its generous sponsors, I do not know what to say, I'm usually this speechless when something this unexpected and Wonderful happens, but honestly, I cannot imagine anything that could express or explain how Much this means to me, words cannot express how thankful I am now that you all have made It possible for me to go to college and further my education. I know that there are thousands of Students out there that needs this Scholarship as much as I do. encourage, support and make their dreams come true as you did mine. I come from a poor family, and we all know that there are thousands of poor families out there struggling to make their children's dreams come true. I pray for them everyday and when something this big happens to them, like it happened to me, You cannot keep that big smile off your face! So once again, thank you and God bless you all.

Vanessa Gumoon
Colonia, Yap, FM


My major will be biochemistry when I attend the University of California of San Diego (UCSD) in the fall. I plan to go through college and hopefully work in the field of medicine. Whether my career would be based in the pharmaceutical or medical arena I still must decide later in my college experience. Hopefully my college classes and holistically speaking, as mentioned before, the experience of higher level learning can provide a clearer picture of a more define career in such a vast field.

My parents were thrilled when the received the news through the mail. I was in complete shock. For some reason, I was very nervous when I held the letter in my hand. This scholarship will provide the financial tool to help me assist in my learning and allow me to work towards a vision with more assistance. I would like to thank the APIASF for the wonderful opportunity they have given through their scholarship program. It is truly a genuine gift when concerning people are willing to help students, such as myself, achieve their goals not only in the world of academia, but in life. Thank you again for opportunity.

Eugene Han
Corona, CA

It is a great honor to receive the APIASF scholarship and to know that they saw in me qualities of a talented candidate with potential to do great things. My family and I were so overjoyed when we learned of the news. It was hard to believe that out of all student in America, I was chosen as a scholarship recipient. It is encouraging to know that my hard work in high school has paid off and it is wonderful to have to worry a little bit less about college fees. I really feel that nothing can hold me back now. For this I would like to deeply thank everyone at APIASF and all of the generous sponsors for their philanthropy to the Asian community and other deserving people.

Personally, I am interested in the biological and neurological aspects of psychology and would like to conduct research in this field. The brain is complex and powerful and there is so much we have yet to discover about it. I would like to participate in groundbreaking research that will help people to better understand how the mind works. I will be majoring in neurobiology to prepare for the study of neuroscience in graduate school. Next school year, I hope to be highly involved at the University of California Davis by participating in the Baha'i Club, The Interfaith Campus Council, the Davis Honors Challenge, as well as research opportunities on campus.

Between earning the undergraduate degree and graduate work, I plan to do a year-of-service with my religion, the Baha'i Faith, in Haifa, Israel. I believe that learning and maturing are best done while serving others. In addition, this experience of interacting with persons of different cultures will prepare me for work in a global society. My goal is to be of service to humanity through my profession. I want to help people understand themselves. I would like to work with the mentally ill or those with eating disorders. It is also a dream of mine to help pave the way for the equality of women with men in science.

I truly believe that with a strong mind, a dedicated heart, and a determined attitude I can overcome the challenges which are inevitable as I work toward these goals. I use mistakes as learning experiences. I listen to others even if I do not agree with their opinion because there is always room for learning. I am thankful that I have learned to be this way and I would like to help others realize their potential as well.

Lillian Hartman
Apple Valley, CA

My name is Huyen Hoang. This coming fall I will attend Concordia University in Portland, Oregon pursuing my bachelor's degree in nursing. I want to become a neonatal nurse. The reason I chose to become a nurse instead of a doctor is because I want to be with patients more frequently to take care of them and to be part of their family.

Receiving this scholarship is a great honor to me as well as my family. I am so happy to be selected as a recipient of a 2007 Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Foundation (APIASF). Beside myself, my family was proud of me. My mom gave me a big hug. I know that she is really happy for me and has less concern about my college funds.

The college that I am going to is a private college and it costs a lot of money. I am lucky to be one of the recipients of this scholarship. APIASF will assist me in obtaining my college education and achieving my career goals that include my continued involvement in community service.

I appreciate Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Foundation and its generous sponsors for giving me the opportunity to recognize my hard work during my four years at Madison High School. I believe every penny from this scholarship is helping me to pay part of my future dream.

Huyen Hoang
Portland, OR

When I was in the sixth grade I joined an after school club called M.E.S.A. (Math Engineering Science Achievement). I had always been rather gifted in the areas of math and science so I knew this would be a perfect fit. This club was one of the best organizations I had ever been a part of. Throughout my four-year membership they took me through many triumphs and achievements. Ever since then I knew that I would be apart of the math and science world for a long time.

I always said that I wanted to be a scientist. Then I realized it wasn't that simple. I have decided to go into medicine. I am planning to obtain my degree in Pharmacy. This fall I will be attending Southern Utah University as a part of their pre-pharmacy program. And the following year, if funds permit, I would like to attend the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, as a part of their Pharmacy program. I have always known that I was meant to help people and pharmacy is a great place to start. Eventually I would like to be a pharmaceutical researcher. I would love to be able to help as many people as affordably as possible. I want to be able to help the individuals who don't have access to regular care. And if I could help just a few people in life, then it would all be worth it.

When I found out that I was a recipient of the APIASF Scholarship I was overjoyed. This meant that I would actually be able to get myself through my first year of college. The two thousand dollars was just enough to pay for first semester's tuition. My mom was so proud. She couldn't believe what an amazing opportunity this was and how much it was going to help. Being a single parent she had a lot of worries about my future, but this helped to calm the waters.

This scholarship was such blessing and I am thankful everyday for the gifts that God has placed into my life. I would just like to say thank you. There aren't enough words to say how grateful I am. This will more than help me achieve my future goals.

Jessica Holland
Cedar City, UT

I am very delighted to learn I am an APIASF scholarship recipient. The outcome is really a big surprise, because I have a unique background compared to most American high school students. I grew up in Taiwan and spent my entire life there until seventeen-year-old. Upon becoming a senior in high school, I decided to come to Hawai’i by myself to experience a totally different life.

At the beginning, everything turned out really tough. As a new student studying in a starkly different country, my life started experiencing a turning point. Living in unfamiliar surroundings and communicating in a second language was especially arduous. Without family support and companionship, life surely was much more complicated.

I knew I could only rely on myself and always did my best. This will be an opportunity for me to learn independence and responsibility. A great amount of courage and effort is necessary for a foreign student to survive among American students. Competition is high to surpass my classmates. All miracles are possible if I step forward bravely. Life is going to be much more different and difficult, but this training is preparation toward becoming an exceptional and outstanding student as well.

I am going to major in communications. As learning both Chinese and English languages, I'm interested in communicating with different people. I found out communication is so appealing to me especially I can gain different viewpoints from different people. Hoping to become an influential person who can give our society positive impact and promotion is what I seek for as my life's goal. In addition, I would like to deliver the first information and discuss with different fields of people. I have a dream to become a communicator who will be able to communicate with people comfortably and confidently. I will discover deeper in communication field and gain experience to prepare myself for future.

I am extraordinarily appreciative of APIASF and their generosity to support my dream by funding my education. Thank you so much for your kindness and selecting me as a scholarship recipient. Your benevolent support will always be remembered. I specially thank Mr. Jon Furukawa, for his recommendation. I am grateful to my family, instructors and friends, who supported, encouraged, and comforted me through difficult times. I am fortunate to have this special achievement today, which has built up my self-confidence to face future challenges.

Ching-Yuan Hsieh
Honolulu, HI

At the University of Florida I will be studying in the Pre-med program. I want to major in Microbiology and Cell Science. After graduating, I plan on attending Johns Hopkins Medical School earning my PhD. I will be practicing at a hospital, then switching to a pediatrics office. In the future I plan on opening my own pediatric office. My dad always has a habit of opening my mail so he opened this without me knowing. I found out I had won this scholarship when he left the letter on my desk and when I picked it up and saw the words Congratulations I was so ecstatic. I ran to my parents room telling them I had won a scholarship and my parents were very proud of me and of course already knew about it.

This scholarship gave me a boost of confidence because you guys believed in me enough to help me with my education. This scholarship will help my greatly financially and I will fulfill every dollar of it.

I would like to thank all the members on the scholarship committee and all people who took part in this selection process. I would like to thank the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, for believing in me and helping to fund my education, it means a lot. Thanks.

Nicole Hwa
Wellignton, FL

"No service can be better than giving a student the opportunity to absorb knowledge and skill because these are the things that can't be taken away." I quote my mother because she is one of the most influential mentors in my life. When I was young, my mother taught me about how valuable education is to my life. Education is a treasured word in my family. I absolutely agree with my parents that education has high value in my life. In my belief, education can help to enrich me and to help develop my goal of helping other people. With a good education, I can achieve more things in life and can become a better person who can be more thoughtful, helpful, and reliable. I had seen many indigent people in Cambodia who lived their lives miserably from poverty and a lack of knowledge. They did not have the opportunity to go to school because of their daily living conditions or because they could not afford schooling. I saw the result in the real world that those who are uneducated usually live a harder life than those who are highly educated. I have seen what life is like for the poorly educated. This real experience has been one of my strongest motivations in furthering my education. Deep inside of me, I truly believe that being educated can help me and the people around me have happiness and joy in life. Education is so important to my future and it can help me develop my goal of helping other people. Also, I can prove to the world that education is truly a key to economic success and happiness in life.

I was born and raised in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Knowing this, my desire to pursue my education in pharmacy grows stronger each day. I want to help make a difference in my country. Cambodia is a small, poor country that has progressed slowly in health technology. I am devoted to going back to Cambodia one day to open a nonprofit pharmacy and clinic to help those who cannot afford these services and inform Cambodians about health technology in today's world. I want to contribute to my homeland of what I have gained and learned in America. I expect nothing in return for my contribution, except for seeing the improvement of health technologies in my own country.

I know first-hand how hard life is living in the United States as an immigrant, and how it feels to not know how to communicate in English. Many Cambodian Americans, because of language barriers and their education level, have not been able to find a good job with health benefits. This has made my desire to be a pharmacist and a source of strength to the Cambodian Americans. I am dedicated to helping the poor and making a difference in America and Cambodia through my education and career. I believe that being a pharmacist can help me develop my goal of helping others. I have always wanted to become a helpful person because it fills my soul with joy. My heart swells with love and compassion when I help others. Even though the United States is one of the wealthiest countries, many communities still are poor and do not have good healthcare and money for medication. Because I am a bilingual, I will take this opportunity to aid America and my home country. This is the reason why I committed myself to achieving my goals no matter how many obstacles or conflicts I would have to face.

As time gets closer to my entrance into college, I see the anxiety on my mother's face expressing her concern of how she could help me pay for my education. She is a single mom of three children with a little income. Therefore, after I received a letter from APIASF confirming that I was selected as the recipient, I saw the happiness in my mother eyes. My family and I are thankful for the APIASF. A scholarship like APIASF can help make my dream of having a good educated and profession come true. Additionally, I realized that there is no impossible mission in life regardless of the circumstance. I now fearlessly work on my path to be a successful Asian college student through the support from the Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund. From the $2000 scholarship, I will build the foundations for my career and future, and later I will be able to return this generosity by helping to improve many communities that need good healthcare.

Lida Ing
Philadelphia, PA

I first learned of APIASF while searching online for any source of funds to help pay for college. I was excited to find that there was a scholarship that was targeted specifically at Asian Americans and Pacific Islander, especially one with no bond or special requirements. When I saw the letter from APIASF sitting in my mail slot, I was filled with dread. Upon opening it, however, I was pleased to find that I was a recipient of the scholarship and immediately called my mother, who was out of the country, to spread the news. The scholarship will help contribute to my personal expenses and books. This means that I will not have to find a job on campus and so I will be able to spend more time on my studies and adjusting to a new life in a new place.

This scholarship will aid me in pursuing a major in economics, an ambition I have had since I was fourteen. The degree will hopefully put me onto a path to a good career in the field I am interested in and will open doors to new opportunities. I will begin my college education in the fall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and looking forward to it greatly, even more so now knowing that my financial burdens have been relieved some. I hope to come out not just with a degree from a prestigious university but with skills and experiences that will be with me forever. I am excited about the prospect of trying new activities, taking new courses and meeting new people.

I am immensely grateful to all the donors, companies and individuals alike and would like to thank them for investing their resources in future generations of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. I am also thankful to the people who have put the time and effort into finding individuals they believe in and helping them realize their goals. The whole scholarship application process was eased by the friendliness and the support of the administrators of the scholarship. They were especially comforting in those long weeks of wondering if my application made it through intact. Overall, this scholarship has had an immense impact on my life and my parents and I alike are elated to be receiving it.

Anisha Jethwani
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was a student who came to the United States with no knowledge of English what so ever. Yet, with diligence and courage, I was able to master the English language well and move up the ladder from ESL courses to regular classes in just a year. Although that was a huge accomplishment, the reality was to survive within the native English-speaking peers and be successful in school. Yet, even with good grades, leadership and acceptance from well-known college, I never came to realize my real strength and ability to stand out in America and actually have my voice heart until I received the APIASF scholarship

Receiving my first scholarship ever for a such a great amount of money to help education gave me strength and ability to stand up against all those who told me that I can not make it, all those who told me that I can not have my voice heard, and to all those who told me that I can not stand out in such a demanding country such as the United States. Achieving the APIASF scholarship meant the most to my parents who have devoted so much to bring me up, and make me a positive and a productive person in society. It felt to them as if they have accomplished their greatest goal in life as well.

Never the less, the two thousand dollars I will be receiving from the APIASF scholarship will greatly aid me to continue education at the University of Washington. Before I received the scholarship, I was not sure about attending UW without enough funding because of its high cost to attend as a nonresident. Now, I have the confidence and the will power to attend my favorite university and participate in their well-known pre-med program, and attend their medical school as well. The APIASF scholarship will assist me to accomplish the two most important goals in life: the goal to attend the University of Washington and the goal to become a Pediatrician. Therefore, I thank APIASF and its generous sponsors with the greatest warmth of my heart. I truly appreciate the generosity APIASF has shown to many Asian and Pacific Islander American students around the country who are just struggling with financial needs to reach their educational goals. And, I am content knowing that APIASF believe in me and have chosen me as one of the scholarship recipients and as a student representative at the Washington D.C. reception.

Kalpana Katudeniya
Beaverton, OR

I want to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Neuroscience. My career goal is to become a neurologist--a specialist doctor who deals with the nervous system and its diseases and disorders. I choose this career because I want to do something which makes the earth a better place. It is true that science has reached everywhere, from the universe to the cells of the human beings. Unfortunately, technology can not treat diseases. Even though, many vaccines are developed in order to treat diseases, but there are some diseases like cancer, in which both scientists and doctors have no control. People who suffer from diseases like cancer can only be saved luckily. Unfortunately, only twenty percent of people are saved from this disease. With the help of this scholarship, I will able to help those people who are suffering from this disease and have lost their hopes to live.

When I found out I had won the APIASF scholarship, my family was very pleased. APIASF will help me a lot in pursuing my education goals for two major reasons. I want to get a bachelor's degree in Pre-Med and the books are very expensive, fortunately APIASF scholarship will help me to pay for the books. Secondly, this scholarship will also help me the expenses for living on-campus.

When I found that I got this scholarship, I was thrilled because this scholarship will help me immoderately in pursuing my goal. I am very grateful to its generous sponsors who help the students during that time when they need it most. Thanks a lot.

Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur
Richmond, IN

Throughout high school, I was constantly reminded about my future goals. I have always longed to gain a career in the Business field, but I am still uncertain about obtaining a specific occupation. During my spring break in April 2007, I was offered an opportunity to join BizAcademy, a five day entrepreneurial workshop for high school students to start our very own business. At the program, I gained a variety of skills that prepared me for the business world. I learned how to communicate with people through networking, sending out e-mails to my potential customers, and presenting sales pitches to a few investors. BizAcademy sparked my goal of obtaining a career in the business field and led me to a passion for majoring in Business Administration. Whether advice was given to me at home or at school about advancing my education, I learned that it was the right path to follow towards success.

My family, friends and I were thrilled to hear that I have become one of the 2007-2008 APIASF--Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund--recipients. Personally, being an APIASF scholarship recipient means a lot to me because two thousand dollars can help cover some of the necessities needed for college. For many, the scholarship provides a lot of help for covering tuition fees, books and supplies, and housing.

Being apart of the APIASF community, I am confident to seek further education with the aid from APIASF and its supporters. With much encouragement, I feel hopeful to enter college in the fall. There are many words of appreciation to express my gratitude to APIASF and its generous sponsors; I would like to say thanks for supporting me in pursuing a higher education.

Janice Kha
San Francisco, CA

Many times when I feel discouraged, something suddenly inspires me and I am reminded why I work and pursue my goals. This scholarship is a push, or a shove, in the right direction; it is inspiration to continue and excel in all I do. Upon receiving the little white envelope announcing the award, my parents and I felt the large burden of the cost of a college education lifted off our shoulders. With my brother still in college at UCLA and my father the pastor of a new, small church, my family's financial situation is at its most fragile state. After my father gave up a successful business in South Korea to move to America and pursue ministry, financial troubles have always followed like a shadow. Even in financial difficulty however, every member of my family from my 14 year old sister to my father understands and accepts the circumstances and sacrifices that need to be made. This honor reduced substantially our anxiety over money and loans. More than simply alleviating my financial burden, APIASF has shown faith in me, which is something that every student leaving home for the first time needs more than anything.

I am thrilled to be attending the University of Notre Dame in Indiana this August. I hope to pursue the pre-med track working toward a major in either biology or psychology. I have worked with children in my after-school job and with the many families I baby-sit for, and have found I have a passion for children. My strong interest in medicine and my almost obsessive love for the show Grey's Anatomy combine with that passion to form my challenging dream. After my undergraduate years, I plan on enrolling in a medical school with hopes of becoming a pediatric surgeon.

The invaluable contributions of the corporate and individual sponsors show the strong faith that has been put into APIASF recipients. APIASF and its sponsors believe in the future and potential of us students, of this generation, and of all young Asian Americans striving to do well. It is a confidence that is most comforting and assuring. I realize that by accepting this scholarship and pursuing higher education, I become part of a community that, as shown here, is a community that reaches out to one another and that I am most honored and excited to join.

Annie Kim
Louisville, KY

I knew what I wanted to be since I entered high school. I wanted to be a pediatrician or a general practitioner/doctor. However, I knew that I did not like the surgery and the study where I had to open up dead bodies to study the human body. To be a doctor, I would be required to take such classes and I knew that I would not be able to do it, but I realized there was another way to help others. I grew interested in the dental area. I liked working with small tools to fix detail problems and I was still in the medical field. So I had decided to study under a pre-dental program and gradually attend a dental school and it was a start onto my rough journey.

In September 2006, I started to fill out college application. As I filled out the applications, my mind grew with worry about my family's financial standings. I was the first in my family to graduate from an American High School and attend an American university. My parents knew little English, so I had to take care of most of the paperwork.

I browsed the university websites about financial needs and I saw how expensive college was. I had about 6-8 years of schooling in front of me and I knew my parents could not afford the tuitions and the other costs. Also in two years later, my sister would also be entering college and pursuing a medical career. I knew I would be able to get the HOPE scholarship, but I knew it was not enough to lift the burden on my parent's shoulders. My friends introduced me to a scholarship website where I found hundreds of scholarships and I found one that stood out the most. I was very excited to find a scholarship just for the Asian community. I thought it was worth it to fill out an application even though I knew there were people that were better than I was academically and in school activities and in community service. Even though I had a very small chance, I filled one out, because my parents and I really could use the two thousand dollars.

It was in early April when I came back home from work late at night and my parents told me that I had received a letter from APIASF. I quickly opened the letter, I found out I was moving onto the second round, and my hopes increased. Soon later in early May, I received the letter that I was the recipient of the scholarship. My parents were very proud of me and I was very excited. Now I can enter college with some ease on my mind that my parents will be left with fewer burdens from financial standpoint. I started on a rough journey and that journey turned into more of a smooth point and became closer the place I was traveling for. Thanks to APIASF, I can look forward to the future with a bright and smooth path.

Ji In Kim
Lawrenceville, GA

My name is Rachel Kim, and I am a senior at Troy High School, CA. I first discovered the APIASF scholarship through an article in a Korean newspaper. I decided to apply, as I had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. After writing the essays and sending my application, I waited anxiously for the reply letter. My family and I had hoped that I would receive this scholarship, so that I would have fewer financial pressures. When we received the first letter, we were happy. When we received the letter on being a recipient, we were overjoyed.

This scholarship will aid greatly in my goal of going to college. Coming from low-income family, I had worried about how I would be able to pay my inevitable student loans and fees. However, with this scholarship, my financial burden will be greatly reduced, and I will be able to concentrate on college without any hassle or stress. In college, I plan to be a psychology major, and hope that I will pursue a career in clinical psychology. I would like to be able to help troubled teenagers and talk to them about their problems. Based on my experiences in high school, some teenagers just need someone to talk to, and I would like to help and listen to them.

I would like to thank the APIASF fund for supporting me as well as other scholarship recipients. This foundation truly is a pillar of support for all budding scholars, and I hope that it will continue to exist so that other individuals can realize their goals.

Rachel Kim
Walnut, CA

My proposed major in college is sociology. I've always liked to study how people interact in communities with each other, and this subject interests me. However, I'm not dead set on this path and will probably change my major. I know for sure I will take a variety of classes to see which subjects spark my interest.

Our family was ecstatic when we found out I had won the APIASF scholarship. I had applied to many scholarships, but after being rejected by most of them, I lost a little hope. The APIASF scholarship, which has been my largest scholarship fund so far, is a blessing to my parents and me. My twin brother is attending UC San Diego, and even though we both received a large amount of financial aid, the double expenses still added up. My family is very grateful for this scholarship.

I've always been motivated by money, but in my later years in high school I realized that I wanted more than just money. I wanted an education, to learn and to know more. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to take an assortment of classes and enjoy taking next year's academic courses. This scholarship also gave me hope in knowing that there were people such as those in APIASF who supported further education and tried to help those who wanted to learn more.

God bless you.

Victoria Kim
Fremont, CA

As I do each day, on the way home from school, I checked the mailbox. There it was- a letter which I was expecting to receive from the APIASF. At first, I was a bit hesitant to read it. While I was opening the envelope, I told myself, "I'll accept whatever I read, whether it's good or bad." I couldn't believe that I was selected as one of the recipients until I read the letter twice and let my brother's girlfriend read it, just to make sure. I reacted like the news was ordinary, but inside, I was full of joy; I felt energetic, like I could run another mile, although I had just came back from soccer practice.

I told my mother the good news. Although I expected fireworks, none of my family members showed any reaction. However, I felt their excitement. My mother was elated and I saw her happiness by observing her face. It looked refreshed, instead of fatigued from work, as it usually does. My younger brothers were inspired by me because I was the first one in my family to receive a scholarship from a private organization. All I wanted was for my mother to feel less burdened by having to pay for my college education.

This scholarship means a lot to my family and me. With it, I will have help paying tuition, buying books and school supplies, and covering transportation fare and lunch costs. Receiving this scholarship relieves some of my parents' pressure and proves that they did not make a mistake by coming to the United States for their children's education.

Becoming an engineer has been my dream since I was young; I have always loved to fix, build, and create new things. Also, I discovered that I enjoyed studying chemistry. Whenever I did, I felt as if I were in my own world; I forgot everybody and everything. I could study for hours without getting distracted. This passion led to my decision to major in chemical engineering. Someday, I would like to spend my career developing new formulas and substances, and creating new things, which might be helpful to people.

The APIASF award letter was a first step in the many I must take if I am to be successful; it gave me encouragement to continue to achieve my dream. I was not just encouraged by the APIASF, but also inspired because it proved that there are people out there who have put faith in me. These people are like gardeners; they plant seeds, water them everyday, take care of them, and in the end, the plants grow stronger and more beautiful. The gardeners gain little, except watching this growth, possible because of them; and hopefully, it makes them smile. I would like all of the members of the APIASF and its supporters to know that they are the gardeners and I, the plant, thank all of the gardeners for helping me on my way to reaching my dream.

Chan Kyi
Brooklyn, NY

I have always been indecisive about the major I should pursue in the future. I have thought about majoring in the medical field and the business field. It was not until I completed my senior exit project for my high school when I knew that I wanted to focus my studies in accountancy and finance. Throughout my school career, I had a love for numbers. I enjoyed taking my personal finance course during my senior year. I came to realize that I accountancy and finance will be the majors that would best fit me.

I remember my mother coming up to me on evening insisting that I apply for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. At the time, I was extremely stressed and aggravated with the whole college process. However, I thought it through and I realized that it never hurts to try. Thus, I completed the application and submitted it, hoping for the best in return. When I received a letter in the mail indicating that I have been selected for this scholarship, I was ecstatic. I could not believe that I was selected out of the many students who have applied. When I told my mother about the news, she was glad that she told me about APIASF.

The APIASF scholarship brings me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. With this scholarship, there's a whole chunk of money that I will not have to worry about in my tuition. The scholarship will assist me greatly with my tuition since I am attending a city university of New York.

Carmen Lau
Brooklyn, NY

As a young child, I enjoyed all kinds of sci-fi movies that involved super heroes. I was captivated by their extraordinary powers and fantastic abilities. I marveled at how the characters were able to exert their powers and wondered if the special powers could actually be achieved. When I turned six, I wanted to become a scientist to invent those powers; to fly, to shoot flame out of one's hand, to control the wind, or to communicate with every kind of animals. When I was old enough to realize that it was impossible to create these powers, my aspirations turned to another direction. I started to repair things, breaking them apart and integrating them back together.

Scrutinizing these objects fascinated me and eventually I grew absorbed into the field of engineering.

I discovered that everything we do in life could be a valuable lesson. Even our simplest actions serve purposes, not just engineering a product or inventing a machine. Learning something meaningful and new can be innovative. Basic techniques such as building a fire or shelter can even make us think about the other unrevealed wonders of the world. I want to be enlightened and utilize my knowledge so I can benefit and inspire others through engineering. I want to learn the concepts of life, to understand the fundamentals of the world, and to see new discoveries revolutionize our world. By becoming an engineer or scientist, I hope to facilitate people's needs and shed new light to the world; making it a better place for everyone.

When I was informed that I have become an APIASF scholarship recipient this year, my family and I were thrilled with joy. Since I will be the first one going to college in my family, we did not expect to receive this great contribution from the APIASF. We are very thankful for APIASF, its supports, and its generous sponsors. This benevolent event will be a chapter of my life that we will always remember as we continue forward and as I pursue my goal of becoming an excellent engineer. As an immigrant of Hong Kong, this experience have truly lead me to believe that any American dream can be reached.

And again, thank you, for this great opportunity and for all your help.

Johnny Lau
Flushing, NY

In fall of 2007, I will be attending the University of California, San Diego as an undergraduate freshman. I'm very glad that I've been accepted into the Jacobs School of Engineering in UCSD, which is known to be the nation's 9^th best undergraduate research university. I was accepted into the school's aerospace engineering program, which is probably one of the toughest industries to find a job in after you graduate. However, with the help of the APIASF scholarship, my chances of achieving success are higher than ever before.

When my family found out that I had won the scholarship, we were all filled with relief and comfort. We were glad to receive financial help since both my twin brother and I will be attending college at the same time. My family was very proud of my accomplishment and was very thankful that APIASF was also willing to reward me for my hard work and dedication to education since my childhood. My family and I regard the APIASF scholarship not as a check that will ease our financial burdens, but as a symbol of my success and how the rest of the world reflects upon my work.

The APIASF scholarship will help me greatly in marking a new beginning on my road to success in the future. I intend to use the scholarship to gain as much as I can from the college experience in UC San Diego. Other than just focusing on my major, I intend to minor as a clarinetist because music has always been one of my passions. I will be able to do many other things, such as receiving an excellent education, work in world-renown research labs, meet new people, and simply enjoy life, all of which is made possible by the help of APIASF. To the gracious sponsors and employees at APIASF, I would like to thank you all for providing me with a key to the future and for creating opportunity and chance for thousands of other men and women of this nation.

Yan Shing Lau
Cerritos, CA

My life has always been evolving and shifting into different seasons. Through the cold and warmth of my life, I have learned a lot about society and what character really means. I live my life in moderation and keep an honest integrity with everything I do from either at school, working, sports, volunteering or even just hanging out with friends. I wish to portray myself as a hard-working self-motivated student who aims to achieve the best.

My major will be in either Biochemistry, chemistry or the premed curriculum at the University of Notre Dame. My goal will be to finish my undergraduate studies majoring in Premed and move on to medical school to be an anesthesiologist.

My career goal begins with saving lives in the operating room and being the first person the patient sees when he or she wakes up. With my background of poverty, I will endeavor to help the less fortunate get the help they need. Although the US is well known as a nation of wealth and power, it has one of the worst medical plans among developed countries. I believe that the sick shouldn't be sick just because they don't have the financial ability to pay. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, it was a huge hit to us, both financially and emotionally. I am determined to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else if possible.

In the future, I wish to be an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. As a pharmacist, I imagine my outlook working to serve my city and expanding into international market. My prospect for the future includes developing a scholarship foundation, enabling aspiring students to have an opportunity to learn and benefit society. I want to be remembered and revered that I helped society, that I saved lives and that I made it possible for kids to go to school.

Upon reading the congratulatory letter, I was ecstatic and happy that will my college more affordable. I did not want to burden my father who has raised 3 kids by himself and sent all three to college. Earning this scholarship will allow me to spend more time studying then working as I won't have to take on a work-study job. I would like to thank Bindi and the APIASF organization for allowing kids like me to attend expensive prestigious schools and to be the best we can without worrying about money. Education is rewarding and appreciates over time and that is an investment everyone should proceed in. Thank you once more for awarding me this generous scholarship and I feel most grateful and humble to be honored as an APIASF recipient.

Thinh Le
Portland, OR

In my sophomore year in high school I was introduced to the Health Science Career Academy. The program gave me an opportunity to explore many career choices in the medical profession. As I studied and worked at the health care center, I realized what I really wanted to do more for my life. The more I engaged in helping others, the more inspired I was to work in the medical field. As a result, I would like to become a pediatrician because working with children has always been something I liked to do. I will be attending the University of California Riverside in the fall of 2007 and majoring in Biological Science.

As you know, many families do not have the luxury of sending their child to a fully paid tuition to college. When I found the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, APIASF, I quickly pursued it, hoping I would be accepted. Being my first time applying for a scholarship, I was nervous. In January of 2007, I turned in my application for the scholarship and did not think I would be selected. During the waiting time, I hoped that my application was acceptable. In March, I was happy to receive the first letter telling me that I was selected to be advanced to the second stage for the APIASF scholarship. Finally in May, I received my notice letter that I was a selected scholar recipient. I was so pleased and overjoyed, I told my family and they were so proud of me. I feel more at ease because I have not failed my parents and they will support me in my decisions and plans.

In the long run, the APIASF will help me pursue my goals and careers. It inspires me to study and receive education that will help me to prepare for my bachelor degree in Biological Science. Furthermore, winning the scholarship has given me higher confidence in believing myself. The two thousand dollars scholarship will assists in the costs of book tuitions and my college tuitions. This scholarship will help me lift off some financial burden from my dad. Also, the amount of loan that I need for my college tuition will be reduced.

Finally, I wanted to thank you APIASF and its charitable sponsors. Being my first time applying for a scholarship, I didn't think I would be selected. With this I am much closer to fulfilling my goals and becoming successful. I had already known the profession that I desired most and with the assistance of APIASF I can quickly diminish the obstacles blocking my way to success and happiness.

Thuong Le
Midway, CA

My family and I were overjoyed to receive the scholarship award letter from APIASF. I like to thank the staff at APIASF and its generous sponsors for making these awards possible. I plan to study pharmacy and eventually pursue a career as a pharmacist.

As a person born with autism, receiving this award is not only a humbling experience, it is also a validation and acknowledgement of the efforts from some angels I met throughout my life. They believe in me and their positive encouragements have made a difference in my life. I want to thank my angels, my mom especially by vowing to work hard through college and later to be able to come back to work in my local community.

Alexander Lee
San Clemente, CA

First off, it should be mentioned the great deal of appreciation I have for the efforts demonstrated by the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. Mentioning and expressing something I realize are quite different however, and can only promise a choice that will not be viewed with regret in retrospective. The scholarship, being an effort to further the education of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, can therefore only be repaid by academic achievement and great works. I, as an individual set loose upon the world, declare it my personal obligation to discover the truth of reality, but more importantly, learn and make the lives of others better.

On that subject, I plan to be a political science major, with possibly a minor in English or history. I plan also to practice philosophy on the side, as I am interested in the basic reason for why humans were set upon the world. I am interested in discovering the process by which humans realized that greater good comes from establishing societies, run by government. This action, creating a false entity commonly referred to as a commonwealth, holds one of the more crucial inquiries into the human nature.

As a result, I embrace humanity as a whole, for a commonwealth, although uncertain of source, is the best for the whole, rendering stereotypes and racism as an unnecessary side-effect of cultural views. This world would benefit greatly from a diffusing of intellect, a purpose I expect myself to further. As APIASF supports my goals, I connect two and two together, thereby making an optimistic outlook for humanity a final end for the group..

As a final word, I would like to remark on the real kindness that is displayed by the endeavors of APIASF. Not only is the assisting of educational pursuits a genuinely selfless act striving for the betterment of humanity, but I feel it is a safety net designed for those willing to work, but unable to. I feel APIASF and all associates of its ventures are engaged in a just cause. A cause for humanity is a cause for life.

And as a real final word, I would like to remark upon my and my family's reaction to the news of my victory - we smiled. Our family is one of little words (especially me) and I believe things are most efficient when one is removed from the situation's emotion. I view laughter as a rare appearance, and having developed that habit for a while, I can say I effectively displayed my happiness - I smiled .

Erik Lee
Phoenix, AZ

The major that I will pursue this upcoming fall in Saint John's University College is Pharmacy. My career goal is to become a pharmacist and help distribute medications to those in need. When my family found out that I have won the APIASF scholarship, I could tell that my siblings were impressed, because none of my siblings actually applied for scholarships, however, I could tell that my parents were in relief. My parents are very low in income and I could tell by the expression on my parents' faces that they were really proud of me, and I feel like it took a lot of pressure off of them which makes me happy. The APIASF will help me pursue my goal because it will help me pay for college and get a higher education so that I can reach my goals, get a good paying job, and take care of my family financially. Receiving this scholarship means to me; less disturbance on worrying about financial issues, and just being able to focus on getting my task done. The reason is because, money is such a big deal to everyone that attends or is going to attend college, because for many, money is a big deal, and many tend to back out and not take the opportunity that they want. I would like to take this time to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors for providing me this award for college, it makes me proud of myself to know that I will accomplish something big in the future with your help, and I really appreciate it much.

Michael Lee
Saint Paul, MN

It was after school when I checked the mailbox. I saw the envelope from APAISF and I first thought it was a rejection letter. When I opened it, I was very surprised to see that I had actually won. When I saw it, I instantly spread the news to my family. My family said they were so proud of me and were ecstatic so we went out to eat to celebrate. That day is one of my most memorable days ever, but I plan on having much more memorable days in my life. In the future, I plan to attain my masters in pharmacy. It is a difficult goal to achieve, but I believe that I can accomplish it. Once I complete my first two years in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I plan to attend the College of Pharmacy at UIC. I can use this scholarship for my educational needs or other necessities I will need to survive in college. I'd like to thank all the staff and directors in the program. You provide an opportunity to students who are most in need financially to become successful. I thank you so much for giving me a chance to reach my goal. With your great generosity, my potential to become a pharmacist is greatly increased.

Stella Lee
Streamwood, IL

Back in October 2006, I was contacted by the head track & field coach of Claremont-Mudd-Scripps. He took an interest in my achievements as a track & field athlete as well as a student and wanted me to grow an interest in one of the three colleges. After receiving a letter from Coach Goldhammer, I did some research on the Claremont Colleges and was surprised to discover that Harvey Mudd College had one of the most prestigious engineering program in the nation. With its focus on undergraduate students and small classroom settings, Harvey Mudd College provided a quite demanding yet fulfilling curriculum in developing future engineers. With this in mind, and also excited by the prospect of participating in college-level sports, I decided to give Harvey Mudd a shot and sent in my application.

With the application submitted, I anxiously waited for the reply to come. However, even if I was to get accepted, there was a stumbling block that would be in my way to Harvey Mudd--cost. The total annual cost of attending Harvey Mudd was approximately 48,000 dollars and for an immigrant Korean American family like mine, it was a daunting amount of money. Of course, I expected aids such as Cal Grant and grants from the college, but I knew that would not be enough. That is when I came across a section in the education section of Korean newspaper about this scholarship opportunity. It was geared for Asian Americans like myself and if I were to receive it my parents and I would be less burdened by the costs of college. So I submitted my application, hoping for the best.

Come late March, I got a letter from several colleges and universities. Some contained good news. Some did not. Then a large envelope from Harvey Mudd College came. ACCEPTANCE. However, I was not yet quite sure if I would enroll. The cost was high. Nevertheless I turned in several financial aid forms and awaited a response. Several weeks later, my financial package arrived and I was elated to receive such good package that would enable me to attend the college. Then came this letter from APIASF that confirmed my becoming an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic year. With such good financial package plus the scholarship, my enrollment to Harvey Mudd was a sure call.

I would like to thank APIASF and its sponsors for their great generosity. The scholarship money I will receive will aid tremendously in my going to Harvey Mudd College and challenging myself with its rigorous engineering program. APIASF has allowed me to take one step closer to my career goal to be an engineer. Its sponsors have inspired me to live a life of giving. When I have grown old, I would also like to help the society like APIASF and its generous sponsors helped me.

Tae Lee
Lakewood, CA

For the past year, wondering how to pay for college has been conflicting and nerve racking. Thoughts of student loans, debt, and how to pay for college swirled around my head. Even the scary thought of not going to college was more appealing. As I opened the letter from APIASF, a wave of relief and elation filled me. All negative thoughts left me and realizing that I was among those lucky one who were awarded the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund finally seeped in. The APIASF has helped me reduced my financial burden. They have granted me the resources to have an education and also given me time to study rather than work. Receiving the award made me even more grateful and humble about my ethnicity and also to the staff of APIASF.

Receiving this award has helped me to pursue a higher education. APIASF is a part of the foundation that is my education. I am currently an incoming freshman in University of Colorado at Denver Health and Science Institute studying to be a pharmacist. With this scholarship, my goal is to become a pharmacist. I plan to aid people with the disbursement of medical treatments. Millions of people die each year because of the lack of proper treatment. With my degree, I will be actively participation in their healing and can help save thousands of people each year.

Peter Li
Grand Junction, CO

The Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund has been a miracle. I was in total shock and awe when I found out I had won the scholarship. I had come home late and my mom directed me to another small envelope sitting on the table. The tone of her voice suggested she seemed disappointed yet again, that I had missed another opportunity to pay for college. I tore the envelope open, not expecting the congratulatory words written inside. My parents and I rejoiced and at that moment, I was sure that I could attend the college of my first choice because of this phenomenal gift.

This fall, I will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering. This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to become closer to my dreams and challenge myself in more ways than I can imagine. APIASF supports the realization that dreams can come true. I am elated to have APIASF support my actions, my education, and my future.

Christie Lin
Rockville, MD

My name is David Lin. I am a senior in the Brooklyn Tech High School at New York. I will attend Cornell University this fall, where I will study Environmental Engineering. Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the recipients! When the letter came, I, seeing the letter was small and hearing my parents saying "small letters don't give good news," didn't want to open the envelope. However, they forced me to and I peeked inside: I saw the word "Congratulations" and just stared at it for about a minute and a half. Instinctively, my eyes would dart back and forth from the top of the letter every few seconds to make sure it was for me. Sure enough, it was mine: DAVID LIN, right under the letterhead. It erased everything else in my mind and I was left with the thought: OH MY GOSH I WON A SCHOLARSHIP FOR MY EARLY DECISION SCHOOL!!!!! I guess good things do come in small packages....

The shock that I had been chosen out of thousands didn't hit me until the following day and during the following week, I told anyone who would listen about my future under this scholarship (amount still unknown until July). As a result, my spirits have been high since and now, I and especially my devoted, diligent parents would like to thank APIASF for their $2000 award: you do not know how much this means to us! We are first-generation immigrants who have little long-term savings that can help pay for college, and it would have been very difficult for our family to pay for an ivy-league college.

I couldn't be happier now that I know I, as an ambitious Asian, can succeed in competitions versus others; I will definitely use this confidence to help me in my goal of convincing the world that our environment is being contaminated and cooperating with others to eliminate environmental dilemmas for the sake of OUR world and civilization. Your generosity truly makes a difference!

David Lin
Brooklyn, NY

This coming fall I will be attending University of Buffalo. I will be majoring in pharmacy. Six years from now I see myself as a confident and secure young lady. Six years from now I see myself graduating from college with a quality education and a lot of experience. Six years from now I see myself living a better life than my parents'. Six years from now I want to become a successful pharmacist. After completing my education I want to immerse myself into the Chinese community. Chinese in America often experience poor health due to unhealthy lifestyle, limited prevention measures, inadequate access to health care, and language barriers. From my personal experience I have seen many Chinese trying to be their own doctors and take random medications when they become sick. And a lot of people don't take medication correctly. As a pharmacist I wish to provide general prescription information, and help people find the right medication. With my ability to speak bilingually I can educate patient about what side effects to expect from their medications and identify the most cost-effective medications for their conditions. Minorities are often afraid to talk to health professionals due to language and cultural gaps. By becoming a pharmacist I can help narrow the gap by interacting and building a comfortable, trusting relationship with everybody that comes to me for help.

I want to thank everyone who makes Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund possible. Thank you for supporting and believing in me and the rest of the scholarship recipients. With this scholarship I am able to spend more time in studying and in focusing on pursuing my education. With two children attending college, this scholarship help alleviate some of my parents' financial burden. For me, the American dream is going to college and by receiving this scholarship you have allowed me to fulfill my dream. Thank you for your generous support.

Qi Lin
Medina, NY

Self Actualization. It's at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and something we all strive for in life. Somewhere along the way to self actualization, we stumble upon our identity.

Chinese American culture has always been a part of my identity. Originally, it wasn't something I was proud of. I went to an all Asian elementary school in Chinatown where almost all my classmates were Chinese and I had nothing to set me apart from the crowd. However, since then, I've learned to embrace it. I joined the Museum of Chinese in the Americas four years ago as a volunteer and I've stayed on there holding a myriad of positions. I've been a volunteer, a museum assistant, a visitor, a greeter, an intern, a docent. And now I'm at a crossroads.

Even though I'd be going to school in Manhattan, a short train ride from the Museum, I wasn't sure I'd be able to maintain my involvement. College is a big deal, especially in my family since I'll be the first in my family to go to college. I'd have to get another job for books and spending money and in addition to my studies, I wouldn't be able to continue to intern every weekend. This scholarship from APIASF puts a new perspective on things. For one, I'll have less stress in working once I start school. I can work fewer hours and perhaps focus on something else those first couple of months.

APIASF also brings to the plate another very powerful influence: the idea of Asians helping Asians. Granted, not all donors are Asian but a large part of them are. This idea comes as somewhat foreign as culturally and psychologically, Asians stem from a culture that is more individualist than collectivist. Though I'm still unsure of my career goals, I do know that I want to join the force that has worked to dispel this mentality, as well as other unrelated stereotypes about Asian American culture.

For putting me closer to my goals, I am forever grateful to APIASF and its sponsors.

Ellen Liu
New York, NY

How does the American Dream fit into every one of us? More importantly, what does the American Dream mean to us? Growing up, I have always thought about the meaning of the American Dream. At first, I was skeptical about it, lacking any belief that the Dream actually exists. However, when I immigrated to the United States, this myth struck me as something extraordinary and unique... and quite attainable.

I remembered the wonderful nights when my grandfather told stories about how the streets in America were paved in gold. English colonist, John Winthrop referred to a religious paradise in a "City upon a Hill." The celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed a society of racial equality. I guess no one can exactly respond to the facts about the American Dream. The answer unquestionably depends upon one's definition of the Dream and what each person perceives as perfection. If it is such, my description of the American Dream is the dream to reach success and a chance for my family to live a joyous and plentiful life. I was lucky to be brought up with the correct mindset in the consensus that anyone could succeed and achieve wealth if he/she worked hard on it.

I grew up believing in the "rags to riches" fable, and that naturally became my lifetime motto. Immigrating to the United States meant an unlimited amount of opportunities for our family to reach the goal. From New York City to a village called Marcellus, I had merely learned to distinguish the language difference between "is" and "are." However, the people in this close-knit community accepted me and nurtured my educational needs. Living in a world where everything seemed so foreign, the neighborhood had given me a tremendous amount of individual attention to grow. My family became my greatest supporters as I spent a vast amount of time, effort, and study to achieve my high level of education. No doubt had it set the foundation for my academic and social development. It is also a continuous journey to acquire knowledge as it helps me to unlock my sense of awareness.

For me, a continuous journey would not be complete if my aspirations did not include the goal to reach college. In an age when the United States has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, college serves as the gateway to better options and more opportunity. The additional experience would encourage me to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development. While it is true that a higher education may be one of the largest expenses that anyone will ever face, the importance of a college education has become quite evident within today's society and overall economy.

What the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund means is a life-changing possibility to be one step closer to an individual's ultimate pursuit. For me, winning the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund is the chance to live the "rags to riches" fable and to achieve success through hard work. The APIASF organization reaches out to the Asian and Pacific Islander community and makes one student's dream to become reality. I can say that this, for me, is already life changing.

Xiao Yan Liu
Marcellus, NY

I would like to thank the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for awarding me this scholarship. I am truly thankful for being bestowed with this money and it will be put to good use. My parents and I were very excited to find out I had been awarded the APIASF scholarship. With the money APIASF has given me, I will be able to attend Carleton College, where I will truly be challenged without having to take out dozens of loans. I would like to major in Economics and pursue a career in marketing with a close relationship with non-profit organizations. APIASF has made a generous donation toward my education and I will remember their kindness by giving back what I can to people who have helped me along the way.

Pa Lor
Minneapolis, MN

I am an American Born Chinese (ABC) that has been living in the United States of America all my life. I was born as a daughter on May 6, 1989 to Shim and Miao Mah and given the name Emma Mah. Like most Asian parents, their children are constantly being pounded by the idea of being the perfect student and getting those A's that all students desire. As I grew up, the thought of being the "best of the best" was engraved into my head by my mother. Because of her influence on me, I strived to become one of the top students in my class. I was soon accepted into the University of California in San Diego with a major of a Chemical Engineer. Within this major, I plan to someday take part in the medical field in hopes of developing new types of medication for different illnesses. Because my father was a victim to lung cancer, it has inspired me to someday find medication that would help those who have to suffer through the same illness like my father did. When I received the letter from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF), I was shocked to hear that was I one of the recipients of this competitive scholarship. When I told my mother, the first thing that came out of her mouth was "How much is it?" Like most Asian parents the sound of money is like music to their ears and the amount of money is always an important piece of information to know. With the help of APIASF, the burden of "how to pay for college" is slightly lifted and it would help me to further my education as well as my career.

I would like to thank APIASF for considering me as a recipient of this scholarship and for giving students hope of paying for all the expenses of college life such as books, tuition and school supplies. I would also like to thank the sponsors of APIASF for donating such a generous amount to the recipients and for brightening their future.

Emma Mah
Stockton, CA

As a graduating high school senior this year, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I discovered that I was accepted into the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where I will be continuing my education in hopes of pursuing a double-major in International Studies-Political Science and Biology, along with a French minor, at the renowned Eleanor Roosevelt College. After college, I aspire to become a foreign ambassador of the United States to another country, or join an international organization such as Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). In essence, I would like to become part of something which would enable me to help others in need, as well as expand my horizons globally by traveling, learning about different cultures and places.

My passion for learning about the world is due to my exchange student experience with the National City Rotary Club. For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity which no one else at my age from my high school had ever experienced before- to truly live another culture outside of a traditional classroom environment. I was an exchange student living in Brussels, Belgium, where I learned French, met a myriad of diverse people, and ultimately realized some truths about myself. I knew life after high school was fast approaching, and I honestly did not know what I wanted in life. After my Belgian experience, I now know what it is that I want to pursue in life.

By winning the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship, my family and I knew that I had reached beyond my limits. Coming from a traditionally underrepresented area, as well as a low-income family, the dreams my family has for me to continue my education have become reality. Because the cost of obtaining a higher education after high school increases with each year, my family and I had doubts on my aspiration to go to college because of our financial status. We were overjoyed and proud of this major achievement.

With the APIA scholarship of two-thousand dollars, I am more confident than ever to go to college. The scholarship is more than just financial aid; it is one of the many stepping stones which will help pave the way for me to succeed at UCSD, as well as life after graduating from college. The financial burden is lessened with this scholarship, for my family and I will not need to take out several loans, nor stress the heavy debt which many students face after college.

I must thank everyone who has supported me in every aspect of my life, starting with my family; if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the person who I am today. I am also most grateful towards the Asian and Pacific Islander American organization and her sponsors, for they have given me a newfound confidence to pursue my academic ambitions after high school. Without these people, the chances of me pursuing a college education would have been crushed, but it is now a reality.

Kimberly Maraya
National City, CA

Technology, human physiology and care, and music are just a few of the many things I have gained knowledge and skills in currently in my life. I have always had an interest in learning how electronics work and the newest technology. My stepfather, a leading chiropractor in our community, has taught me about the human body and how it works physically. And for as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for creating music, so I learned every instrument I could.

A few years ago I joined an after school video production club. In this club I learned all the necessary components of producing videos. I learned camera operation, angles and different shots, how to direct a video shoot, and most importantly I learned how to edit the raw video clips cutting and pasting them together to form higher quality videos. After taking the mandatory classes, I became a certified producer for Akaku community television. Certification allowed me to use facility equipment anytime. My skills in all areas of video production improved greatly over the following years and I currently hold a student intern position there.

My former stepfather as a chiropractor has taught me everything I know about muscles and joints, the healing process of injuries, why it's important to break up the scar tissue after an injury, and how to maintain my body for optimum performance. He taught me how to work on myself and how to perform basic adjustments. However, greater than these previously mentioned skills, he showed me how to live on whatever nature provided. I learned many different methods of fishing, I learned how to hunt and the values of not killing anything you weren't planning on eating.

Music - my first love. Making music is something that seems to come naturally to me. The first instrument I learned to play was the `ukulele. Though I started in school, the hours I spent practicing with my `ukulele at home was where I gained mastery of my instrument. In 7th grade I enrolled in first year Band and played the trumpet. Even though the trumpet was very different in shape and sound from my favorite instrument the `ukulele, I came to love both and many others. After learning how to read music I began teaching myself how to play an array of instruments and my latest being the upright bass (cello without the bow). When I had mastered all the songs I was taught on all my different instruments I started composing my own music.

My stepfather taught me some of the most important things in life; I will always carry them with me and be willing to use my knowledge to assist those in need. Computer technology is paving the way for the future and I plan to expand my knowledge in this field and all areas of my life. Without this scholarship my future goals and aspirations may not have been possible; thank you.

Joseph Masui
Kaunakakai, HI

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity"

Hippocrates, I believe, encompasses all the aspects of a career that I admire, all aspirations I hold for myself and society. I am very thankful to the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for giving me this scholarship. Each year the cost of attending university rises, so does the expenses; scholarships such as these make it possible for moderate income families to send their children to school. We moved to United States eight years ago, since then my parents have worked to raise me and my little sister. My family is thankful to the APIASF for the scholarship, but the most astonishing reaction came when I sat down with parents saw the cost of University; the figures weren't appealing. I will be attending, Pre-Medicine program at Baylor University; I'll be majoring in Biology. Biology, to me is a keen subject in which a person has to be willing to study, with dedication and hard work I intend to reach my goal; and as for young readers out there, I encourage you not to let go of your passions and your dreams to early. My motivation is the willingness to learn the fundamental aspect's of medicine, which allows for a compound to relieve and/or even cure one's health problem and a desire to help those who are less fortunate. Medicine is a field in which a person can help all constituent of the community, whether they are rich or poor. Scholarships such as these are not only keys that unlock the doors to success, but lanterns that will guide us on the pathway to our goals

Asif Mithani
Euless, TX

Thank you, thank you! My name is Andrew Eric Moua. I will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College in the fall of 2007. I am entering as freshmen undecided. My career plans as of now, too is undecided though I have thought about entering the biology and environmental field. When I received this letter from APIASF, I was anxious to know what it held in store. I quickly opened it, read the first paragraph and I jumped and started chanting at the top of my lungs! My mom was so scared, and started wondering what was going on, later on scolding me for not keeping a low voice. This letter made my life smile a little bit more since life doesn't seem to promise anyone a smile everyday.

I don't know to how thank APIASF anymore than with words of thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your generous offer have certainly found a place in my aching heart. This Scholarship will be used towards paying for my student loans that I will have to take out my freshman year in college. To have this scholarship help me cover for this is more than grateful because of my financial status. I don't know who else is more thankful to have received this honor but I certainly am. I will not disappoint you with your grateful contributing to my success!

Andrew Moua
Minneapolis, MN

Coming from a country where education was hard to come by due to high costs and no financial aid, I feel very grateful for the many educational and career opportunities that are available for students here in the United States. Dedication and motivation to make things happen is all it takes, I think, to have goals and dreams be realized. But still, despite the abound opportunities,that realization of goals and dreams still come at a large cost.

My goal in life is to really just learn as much as I can about the world around me and its different cultures. Although that may be a very broad interest, I've grown to focus my attention to one aspect of human culture: music. Music had evolved from interest, to hobby, to a passion for me, and I'm a firm believer that music is something that can cause positive change in people and their environments. And so, besides playing music, I've become very interested in composing music, and making a career out of it. While sticking faithfully to "traditional" techniques, I like to explore new types of musical styles and methods everyday. I'm looking forward to continue my education in the subject by majoring in Music Composition in the Conservatory of Music in the University of the Pacific. I aim to pursue a career of composing as well as developing music for modern media such as films, television, and video games. Since University of the Pacific is a private institution, APIASF helps a great amount in helping to pay for my tuition and other expenses that otherwise would had to have peen paid with expensive loans.

My family is very grateful of APIASF's good works and for its truly needed financial assistance towards my education. Indeed, my mom being a dental assistant and my dad being a welder, the idea of me going to music school is as much of a huge leap for them as well as it is for me. But thanks to their belief and support, and thanks to APIASF, I'm very confident that I can achieve a higher education, pursue a career, and be able to support them in the future. My personal gratitude goes out to APIASF and to its many very generous supporters for allowing me as well as other students a step closer to achieving our dreams. I'm also very thankful that APIASF encourages Asian and Pacific Islander-Americans to have a large impact on the future's development.

Raymond Napuli
Chula Vista, CA

I am Bebay Nguyen and I am writing this letter because of my opportunity of being the recipient of the APIASF Scholarship. My career goal is to become an Electrical Engineer. My first reaction to winning this award was surprised. My family's reaction was the same. This Scholarship will help me pursue my dream of becoming an Electrical Engineer. I like to become an Electrical Engineer because I want to develop the new weapon to help the soldiers to protect them.

In the future, I would like to work with the Federal Government in the area of technology, chemistry and electricity in the homeland security for the purpose of protecting our troops as will as all Americans.

I like to thank APIASF Scholarship Fund, my parents, God. I would also like to thank my counselor Mr. Williams and Mrs. Mildred G. Jean who helped me apply for the Scholarship to get me this far. I hope my career will take me far in my future to help people all over the world for people.

Bebay Thi Nguyen
Philadelphia, PA

After high school, I plan to attend a four-year college. In college I plan to earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. I decided to major in Chemistry because it was the subject area that interested me the most while in high school. After earning this degree I plan go to medical school so that I can become a physician. With the help of APIASF and its generous sponsors I am able to obtain a post-secondary education that my mother would not have been able to afford. In addition this scholarship will provide me with a peace of mind and hope that I need to accomplish my educational and career goal. To APIASF and its generous sponsors, I would like to express my sincerest thanks for providing this scholarship. My family and I were very excited when we found out that I was a recipient. It is an honour to be recognized for my hard work and receiving this scholarship motivates me to continue to strive for excellence. Your generosity has made a profound impact on my life and I am truly grateful to be the recipient to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Funs scholarship. Again, I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals.

Christine Nguyen
Houston, TX

When I finished the application for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, also known as APIASF, the agonizing wait to hear a response was excruciating. As the time passed my hope in receiving this scholarship decreased. No sooner than I accepted the fact I was not chosen I got a letter in the mail saying I made it, through the first round that is. Having to wait again was twice as hard. On my Senior prom day while checking the mail, I saw the letter of congratulations from APIASF. In the end worth the wait and the best present I could get on prom day.

Receiving this scholarship is life altering for me. I've heard that "a little goes a long way." That how I feel this award will help me, that it will take me a long way. During my senior year I became involved with a non-profit organization that is raising awareness about the war in Northern Uganda. What our school chose to do is raise money along with other schools throughout United States to build several schools for the children of Northern Uganda. Right now my school is in first place for the most money raised in our cluster, we have earned a chance to send 5 students to Uganda paid for by the non-profit organization Invisible Children.

Through involvement there is a chance for me to be one of the five chosen to visit Africa. With the financial obligation of college approaching I wasn't sure if I could afford to go. I had planned to work full time over summer to save up money for college and living expenses. With the APIASF scholarship, it allows me to change my course of plans. I now plan to go to Africa and do humanitarian work, and when I return home for college the stress of finances will not be such a burden.

It is difficult to put into words how receiving this scholarship will change my life and hopefully the lives of the children of Uganda. I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I most desire. My goal is to complete the highest education possible for Nursing. I know I want to help people, but I also want to travel and do humanitarian work. I want to take advantage of what life offers, and work as a travel nurse. Doing what I like best, yet also getting to travel and see the world. Therefore, I thank you APIASF and all those who made it possible for me to become a recipient. A teacher taught me that for everything you do or that happens will carry out, and have a ripple affect on everything else. What I choose to do, and plan to do will have a greater affect on everyone in the long run. Although I can't feel it right now, I know that years from now when I look back I will see how becoming a APIASF scholarship recipient have changed my life along with many others. From the bottom of my heart I thank you the APIASF fund!

Hieu Nguyen
Louisville, KY

It was a big surprise to me and my family when I got the mail from APIASF, saying that I am an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007 - 2008 academic year. Nowadays, numerous organizations across the nation realize that it is difficult for most students to obtain a higher education because of financial obstacles; therefore they reach out to those students to help supply them with higher education. APIASF is one of those charitable organizations that is willing to reach out to hardworking Asian and Pacific Islander students who have financial hardship, to have an opportunity to obtain a higher education.

I would want to say "thank you" to the APIASF organization and its generous sponsors for awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship will help me be able to pay for college expenses in the upcoming school year. With this award, college is more affordable for me and my family. I am grateful for this award because my brother is also attending college. Without this award, college expenses would just be a nightmare for me and my family during my freshman year in college.

The APIASF will help me pursue my goal of being a commercial airline pilot.

I will be attending the University of Washington - Seattle, majoring in Mathematics or Engineering, with the future career goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot. First, I want to become an engineer and then while working I will go to a flight school and learn to become a commercial airline pilot. This award money will help me a lot with college expenses such as books, room, and tuition. This award also helps me to avoid taking out loan.

Once again, thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I hope that the APIASF organization will keep this program available in the future so future Asian and Pacific Islander students will have an opportunity to pursue a higher education.

Khoi Nguyen
Everett, WA

It's an honor to be an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic years. This scholarship is like the fresh water that will help a small plant to grow.

My experiences of taking care of my two younger siblings for almost ten years led me to my dream. I realize how much I love children when I am around them. In addition, I envision that one day I will be able to take care of all the children when they are having a fever or having any uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, when I begin college in the Fall of 2007 at University of Mary Washington, I will focus my studies in the field of biology. I will give 200% in pursuing my dream-becoming a pediatrician one day.

My parents made a vital decision in 2003, and that was moving to the United States with there four daughters. Ever since then, they've been working long hours daily to support us. I can not tell you how happy they are when they heard that I was awarded the scholarship. My mom came to me and said, "I know you have been working hard to earn this pleasant moment, but don't forget to thank those who generously supported you along the way. I am so proud of you, and so is your dad." I told myself that from now on, I need to study even harder and more diligently because as an APIASF scholarship recipient and as the first person in my family to ever go to college. I want to be a good example for my younger sisters. This scholarship can not give me an A when I attend college, but it certainly eases my family's financial burden. For us, this is a precious gift which allows me to be able to attend college without hesitation. From the bottom my heart, I appreciate your generous support. I promise that I will make the most of my college experience and achieve my goal in the near future.

Ngoc Hao Nguyen
Arlington, VA

As my grade school education approaches its end and college life peeks around the corner, I have begun to feel the anticipation and anxiety over turning toward this curve on the road. This past year has become one of the most pivotal transitioning period for my entire family. Health and living circumstances have drastically changed our financial situation. On top of that, University of Houston, the school in which I plan and have been accepted to attend, just recently announced that its tuition rates will increase by twenty-five percent. In turmoil, I have sought to relieve the family's burden and my own fear through the financial assistance of scholarship committees, including the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF).

I had little hope for even being nominated, much less becoming the APIASF recipient for this school year. However, upon receiving the congratulatory letter, I immediately praised God for this blessing from APIASF and its supporters. When I informed my parents of this miraculous news in Vietnamese, they broke out in tears and words of gratitude. It is without a doubt a tremendous honor to receive such endorsement, especially from an organization that reaches out to invest in the minds and future of our community. I, among all those before and after me, thank you APIASF and its sponsors for their charitable vocation and service, which has come to serve as a central and life-changing pillar of support for many young adults.

Upon entering college, I will be studying medicine and health for the Pre-pharmacy/Pharmacy major. The APIASF scholarship is a fund for my education; it will compensate for the sum of classes and book costs, among other necessities in college. Already effective, APIASF is the motivational drive behind my educational and professional pursuit. I hope to acquire the knowledge and capability of a compassionate, well-informed pharmacist, so as not to disappoint the people who have paved the path for me: my family, friends, and supporters such as APIASF.

The future is unpredictable, yet APIASF is able to cast a light on the future generations of Asian & Pacific Islanders--a rare feat. With APIASF supporting its spine, I believe that America will not only undergo changes but make progressions. I am truly privileged and gratified to have been selected as a participant and witness to this extraordinary spectacle.

Phuong Thao Le Nguyen
Houston, TX

My earliest impression of medicine occurred when my mother repeatedly required the assistance of physicians in dealing with her chronic migraine headaches, which generated from a moped accident in Vietnam. However, finding a doctor who had exceptional experience and who was not covetous was very rare in my country. Not being able to find a cure to my mother's headaches, a doctor deceived her into believing she had cerebral atrophy just so he could transfer her to a different doctor. Afterwards, she was diagnosed with an intracranial hematoma. The shortage of doctors with an extensive background in medicine and the biased health-care system in Vietnam sparked a desire within me to one day become a physician myself. I wish to achieve my vision of what I think a doctor should be. This is an ambitious goal for someone coming from a family in which no one has obtained a professional degree. However, growing up in an impoverished family has given me the motivation and stamina to undertake a challenging medical career.

One of my goals is to give immigrants a better future. After obtaining a medical degree and completing a family practice residency, I plan to open my own clinic as a family physician to achieve my vision of practicing medicine among those with limited health care rights, especially the Vietnamese immigrant community. I also want to utilize my background in Vietnamese culture and my Western knowledge and combine them to improve the level and health care knowledge within the community.

As for now, I plan to attend a prestigious college like University of Portland or Portland State University, where I will study towards a Bachelor's degree, while majoring in Biochemistry. Unfortunately, money is still an issue that is delaying my decision. Therefore, I hope to receive as many scholarships as I can to pay for my tuition at University of Portland. I remember running to the mailbox everyday after school, hoping that a letter from the APIASF has arrived. When I spotted the word "congratulate" in the letter when it finally came, I was overflowed with gratification. Though the APIASF scholarship will only cover books, supplies, and other fees, it will motivate me greatly in reaching my career and academic aspiration. I plan to show my appreciation to APIASF through my academic achievements. Furthermore, I will forever be grateful to APIASF and its sponsors' for providing a minority like myself not only financial support, but also confidence to attain my goals.

Phuongquynh Nguyen
Portland, OR

I have always aspired to attend UC. Ambitious prepared me for college and making academics my top priority. Through my 10^th-12^th high school career, I have been involved in H.S.C.A, The Health Science Career Academy. The Academy has natured my affinity for medicine and teaching. My quality to surpass the difficulties in my life has prepared and strengthened my ambition to become a UC student. Throughout my high school career, my involvement in clubs, organizations, and academic programs has augmented my confidence and matured me into a dependable and giving individual. In my affinity for medicine and teaching, I sought to volunteer in an environment where I would gain vast education in the medical field and teaching, there was one problem I was facing, money for tuition for school. I knew I needed to do something to achieve my goals in life, so I decided to look for scholarships that will support student of a higher education. The Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund was one I found in each supported students with financial aid, the APIASF represents a possibility for students to afford college.

On April 26, 2007 I receive a letter announcing I received the scholarship. As I open the letter, I couldn't believe it so I read it over again. I didn't believe this was happening to me, thoughts ran through my mind. This scholarship will benefit me in so many ways. When my parents came home I immediately inform them of what had happen. My mom was tearing up, because she never had the opportunity of going to high school.

This scholarship is a stepping stone to my future and goal in life. With this money I am able to pay for my tuition, books, and supplies. This scholarship gives me a chance to receive an education and in the future better my community in the future.

I would like to say Thank YOU to APIASF and the sponsor, I am so grateful you haven't given this gift from god. Your help on my future goes a long way, thank so much.

Theresa Nguyen
Fountain Valley, CA

The thought of going to college still seems very surreal to me. It seems as if only yesterday that I walked into the door of Riley High School as a shy and nervous freshman. Looking back as a senior, I felt I had accomplished something great at Riley. I am now ready for a new challenge.

My sister and I are the first ones in our family to attend college which brings pride and happiness to our mother. However, the issue of financial aid is always on the back of our mind especially now that we have two people to care for. In the fall of my senior year, I tried to apply to many scholarships as I can in hope of relieving my mother some of the financial burden.

I received a letter late April saying I had been chosen as one of the recipient for the APIASF scholarship. Not only I was very excited, but everyone in my family was very happy. Two thousand dollars will come a long way considering my college expense. My family and I are very thankful to the generosity of the APIASF foundation and sponsors. It is great to know that as students our hard works will get recognize and rewarded.

Now I can attend the University of Notre Dame without worrying about financial issue. I know I can accomplish much more in the future. With the help of APIASF, I am ready for the new challenge.

Thuy Nguyen
South Bend, IN

Being sort of a math geek, I like to work with variables and numbers. I am considering a major in mathematics, but I will be taking pre-med courses as well. Although I don't know what specific type of doctor I want to be, I want to be doing something that deals with medicine and helping people. I started aspiring to be a doctor after thinking about what my life goals were and how I could use my interests in accomplishing those goals. During my junior and senior years, I became greatly involved in service-learning, learning at the heart of community service. It sparked my goal of achieving something that others could benefit from. That, along with my interests in math and science, encouraged my plans of becoming a doctor.

My mom and dad were delighted when they heard I had won the APIASF scholarship, as was I. Going to a private college costs a bunch, and the scholarship will help tons with the finances. The scholarship will allow me to spend a little less time worrying about financing my education, and more time concentrating on succeeding in becoming a doctor. My parents worried a lot about how much college was and how they were going to be able to pay the amount. After receiving this scholarship and some others, my parents finally calmed down a bit. My parents now worry more about me going to a college that is states away from home.

College is another step in life to achieving what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. This scholarship will help me and my family take that big step. College is also an experience to gain knowledge and make lasting relationships. It marks the transition of a person maturing into an adult.

To all those who has helped made the APIASF scholarship possible, I want you all to know that what you have done is greatly appreciated and will not go to waste. You have worked to see this scholarship help those like me, and I will do my best to honor your hard work.

Justin Ou
Oklahoma City, OK

The most influential course in my high school experience was chemistry, which I hope will be my major in college. The appeal of chemistry to me is the combination of science and math, handling multiple variables and working with great equipment and procedures. I want to study these types of elements and practice with the best tools and equipment, and this will help to prepare me for the world as a dentist.

As a volunteer at Hartford Hospital and UConn Medical Center, I met and worked with lots of doctors in different fields. As a patient and as a volunteer, I recognized the characteristics that make someone a great doctor, and these people became my role models. Actually having to view the doctors from these two different perspectives taught me a lot. Doctors not only have to know their subject very well, but also have to have a positive personality, and really care for their patients. After a missionary trip to New Mexico, I realized that I really enjoy serving others, being friendly and helping people in need. This lead me to volunteering at Hartford Hospital and UConn Medical Center, which made me realize I had the potential to work as a medical professional. I want to go into the medical field because I have a vision and desire to serve and help people. From my observations, I want to be a person who knows their subject and completes the job from A to Z. My goal is to share my knowledge and training with others.

When I first found out that I have won the APIASF scholarship, I wanted to tell everyone to share the good news together. My family and I were surprised, very grateful, and happy to learn that organizations like APIASF exist to help students to reach their goals. I was happy and supportive when I found out that there is Asian Pacific Islanders community, who can help people like me to pursue my goals for my future.

This year, my brother and I will both be attending college, which places a huge financial burden on my family. In addition, my brother has the opportunity to study abroad in Rome as an architecture student, and the scholarship will mean he can pursue his dreams while I can go to college at the same time. APIASF is helping two students with this one award. The APIASF scholarship is taking my brother and me to new exciting places and empowering our journey.

It is very rare that someone outside the family can make a big impact on the daily lives of children. The APIASF scholarship will make it possible for my mother and father to continue to live their lives without going further into debt for my education. There are no perfect words to describe the way that APIASF generosity makes us feel. But `thank you' is a beginning and not an end. This award will make it possible for me to help many people in my life, and maybe help me to change some lives for the better. Since many religions in the world teach us that it is more important to give than to receive, I feel that the APIASF has done at least two things with this award: it has demonstrated that God is all around us, and that the most important way to serve is to pass on our blessings to others.

Jinha Pak
Avon, CT

For as long as I can remember, whenever anyone asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" my reply was always the same: a doctor. I do not have any family members who are in the medical field, so where my dreams grew from, I do not know. All I know is that my dreams have not changed, they have grown. After completing medical school, I hope to establish my own practice in an urban setting where I can reach out to families of various financial statuses and ethnic backgrounds. I also want to become active in the organization known as "Doctors Without Borders."

When I came upon the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship, I was not sure if I'd be eligible to be able to participate in this organization's scholarship fund simply because I thought Indians were excluded. After doing more research I realized that the APIAS Foundation truly meant what they said and actually wanted to help all those who fell within the Asian spectrum. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find that there is actually a foundation that helps our Asian community. Many of the Indian scholarships were only for certain regions or castes of India so this was a pleasant surprise.

With the rising tuition rates and the costliness of room and board, the only way I will be able to attend university and move on to a school of medicine is if I am awarded enough grants and scholarships. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated by my family and I; which is why when we received the congratulatory letter from APIASF, we were ecstatic!

Now, thanks to the generous support from this wonderful organization, Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, I am one step closer to fulfilling my career goals. I will be majoring in Biological (Biomedical) Engineering with a Pre-Medicine influence. After undergraduate education, I will further my education in medical school and specialize in my field of interest.

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to give my deepest thanks to APIASF and its generous kind-hearted sponsors. Two thousand dollars goes a long way in the educational expenses. We truly appreciate the help you have given us and we cannot begin to express our gratitude for your organization.

Deepika Parmar
Lee's Summit, MO

I am honored to be an APIASF recipient. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who have contributed to this prestigious scholarship, for it is because of their generosity that I am able to pursue my dreams. After receiving word of becoming a recipient, my family and I were ecstatic, and still are to this day.

This scholarship places me one step closer to attaining my goal and that of my parents. I plan on attending the University of Florida during the second term of the 2007 summer session to purse a bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Cell Science and a minor in Chemistry. I hope to carry my experiences from UF to a renowned graduate school in order to attain a degree in anesthesiology or dentistry.

After successfully completing my post-secondary education, I hope to open my own practice in order to better my community by placing personal gain as my last priority. This notion is especially dear to me because my parents have always encouraged me to help others who are in need of assistance. Consequently, pursuing a medical profession will allow me to directly facilitate the lives of those in search for unbiased medical attention.

Furthermore, I wish to carry my experiences abroad to foreign nations through the Doctors without Borders program. Having been born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I personally have witnessed an inadequacy to certain medical fields; I would like to change this for the greater good of others. Additionally, I would be able to facilitate awareness of the conditions in these parts of the world in order to encourage more doctors to support the greater good.

This recognition has confirmed my ability and dedication to acquire the best education possible. For this reason, I am proud to say that I have fulfilled and will continue to fulfill my parents' dreams for their children to have a better life through more opportunities. Ultimately, the APIASF scholarship has not only facilitated my higher education monetarily, but has allowed me to become "Tomorrow's Future" by enabling me to witness that hard work and commitment to succeed will eventually satisfy all my desires in life by helping others.

Miten Patel
Hobe Sound, FL

My ultimate goal is to make a noble purpose out of my own life and the knowledge that I've gained. I want to study at an outstanding four-year university that will not only challenge me in education, but also immerse me in virtue and culture. I believe that I have found this at the University of Michigan.

The areas of interest that I wish to study at the University of Michigan are Biochemistry or Pre-Med/Pre-Health. I have always adored science, especially biology. I know that the majority of successful careers out there involve science. Thus, it is comforting to know that I will have a financially stable career while doing something that I am so fond of. My education has thus far been guided by society, but now, as I commence a more independent chapter of my life, my devotion to science will pave the road to my future.

It is my aspiration to become a pediatrician. I genuinely believe that the greatest gift to give is a second chance at a better life. These ideas and feelings were profoundly recognized while I was an intern at a children's hospital. During this exceptional experience, I met some great doctors who really open my eyes to how rewarding it is to help people, especially kids. I wish to apply the knowledge that I've gained into maintaining and elevating the quality of human existence. Hopefully, I can truly become all of this and so much more.

My family is somewhat big, with me being the youngest of the five siblings. Due to the language barrier between English and Vietnamese, both my parents work in industrial plants making automotive parts. They have worked very hard to make sure my siblings and I have the opportunity to attend college, and although they have saved as much as they could, the scholarship you have provided has helped ease the pain of the increasingly high cost of tuition.

Considering I'm a student who does not work, the only means of attaining money is through others, so every dollar helps. I realize that to attain the large amount of money needed to attend U of M, I would have to get as many scholarships as possible. The bottom line is that any amount of money given to me would be spent wisely towards furthering my knowledge, marketability, and also the investment for a better community. I'll do my utmost to achieve this dream.

Thank you APIASF and your kind sponsors for the generous donation toward helping me pursue my goals. I am honored to be a recipient. Someday I hope I will be able to help a young person with their education as you have helped me.

Huong Pham
Grand Rapids, MI

My name is Phuong Lan Pham, and I came from Vietnam two years ago. I'm a senior at West Seattle High Sschool in Seattle, Washington, and I'm waiting to graduate in this June. I will start my college at South Seatte Community College, and will be in transfer program for two years. Becoming a teacher is my career goal, so I decide to choose my major in education. It was a great day to me and my family when I found out I had won the APIASF scholarship. This scholarship will be an important help to me in attending college to accomplish my dream of career. My family and I really want to thanks and show our appreciation to APIASF and its generous sponsors for giving me this scholarship.

Phuong Lan Pham
Seattle, WA

I sent in the application and patiently waited for the outcome. I've checked my mail everyday waiting for the letter. After waiting for some time, there was a letter from APIASF. I anxiously opened it and read the first few lines. I was filled with happiness when I opened my mail and read the first couple lines. I yelled at my mom saying that I won the scholarship. I was extremely pleased selected as a recipient for the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship. Once I found out, I told my whole family, including those in other states. I want to thank my avid (achievement via individual determination) teacher for supporting and encouraging me to send in the scholarship. I also want to thank the APIASF foundation for taking time and looking through the materials I sent in for this scholarship.

Winning this scholarship has encouraged me to keep continuing to apply for other scholarship. I may never know if I win if I do not try. I did not think I will win any scholarship, but I still keep my hopes up. This scholarship will help my finance my tuition, supplies for my classes, and my room and board. It will definitely help pay for my tuition. Two thousand was more than enough to pay for my first year college expenses. I do not wish to pull out loans in order to attend college. I have been applying for scholarship for sometime now and I have more than grateful for the APIASF for their generosity.

After graduating from the School of International Business at Kearny Complex, I plan to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in International Business. I chose to be a student in the School of International Business because I look forward to pursuing a career in International Business. As a student within the school of business, I have taken courses such as Marketing and Business Law. While enrolled in this course, I participated in a Junior Achievement Program. This program entitles us students to become apart of a company. I was given the opportunity to become VP of finance. I have prior knowledge on how to handle the funds of the company. Having this experience makes me want to pursue a career in business. I am convinced that International Business is what I want to major in. I will be attending San Diego State University to complete my career goals.

Sandy Phoutthavong
San Diego, CA

Ever since I was little, I dreamed to be a doctor. I find the role of a doctor fascinating because of their ability to provide healing and hope for their patients. But when reality struck, I have come to realize that education is a necessity to reach those dreams. It is a step, but it is a step that I must take to reach my goals, education.

My mother lives in the Philippines. Once my education is completed, with the job I love, I intend to petition her and bring her to the US. My cousins and my other relatives live in Philippines. They struggle with their everyday life due to the poor economy they have. Therefore, I would like to, someday, help them with everything I can. With my education, I would like to expand my knowledge and make a difference in the world by helping others.

When I came home from Spring Break, the white enveloped addressed to me from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, APIASF, was thrust into my hands. I could not open it myself due to my anxiety. After a few hours of staring at the white envelope, I, finally, found the courage to open it. I was shocked, to say the least. I was on the verge of crying. This scholarship means everything to me. It will help me get the opportunity that not many can have. I am extremely thankful for the APIASF for this scholarship. I am truly excited to be a recipient of a national scholarship. The two thousand dollars would really help my family and I from all the financial burdens.

I am sincerely thankful to APIASF and to all it supporters. With their generous support, many Asian and Pacific Islander students can have the opportunity to build their future. Thank you for picking me as one of you recipient.

Karen Poliarco
Madison, WI

Affording tuition of a University is sure to cost a ton of money. Without scholarships, it would be difficult for minorities to get a college education. I wanted to attend Loyola University of Chicago once I graduate from High School. However, the expenses for affording a Loyola education were immense. Becoming a recipient of APIASF scholarship has enabled me to finalize my decision for attending Loyola in the fall of 2007!

College will be a whole new experience after I graduate from High School. I am anxiously looking forward to that! I want to go into Pre. Medicine or Pre. Pharmacy for my first couple of years at Loyola. I would like to be open for help to all communities and cultures to make their lives healthier. Once I graduate, I want to serve my community by helping people and being socially connected at my work place.

I remember filling out the application form for the APIASF. I was being really careful to not make any mistakes or miss anything that was asked. After I filled out the application, I thought that I might actually have a chance at winning this scholarship! I sent the application and waited for the months of April and May when I would find out whether I won or not. In April, I found out that I had gone to the second phase of the scholarship. I was really excited to read that! My excitement doubled when I got another letter saying that that I had won the scholarship!

I am very grateful to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all its supporters for believing in me to have a bright future ahead. It is because of APIASF and its generous sponsors that I will have the ability to chase my dream of studying at the school of my choice and pursuing my career goals. On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank APIASF and its sponsors for supporting me and making my dream possible!

Nistha Rawal
Elgin, IL

My major in college is anthropology, with my career goal to be able to return and work with the historical preservation office in Yap.

My family was really happy when we found out that I was awarded the APIASF scholarship! Thanks to the APIASF award, my parents will have less to worry about when it comes to my college tuition, etc.

The APIASF Scholarship will help me pursue my goal by making everything easier with the cost of tuition and textbooks skyrocketing. With the APIASF Scholarship taking away some of the financial worry associated with my college expenses, I can really concentrate on school and not be distracted by tuition and all that.

I want to say thanks to all the people at the APIASF office for granting me this generous scholarship. I know that a lot of students out there who did apply for the APIASF did not get it - and I hope they will find some other way to afford their college expenses. As for me, the APIASF has raised my spirits, made me a role model for the Yap High School juniors, who will be applying for scholarships next year, and has made me more confident as I await the start of my college studies this fall. Without the APIASF, I don't think I could have gotten this far!

Jacklynn Ruwethin
Colonia, Yap, FM

In my parents' bedroom, prominently displayed on one wall, is a three-sided mirror. As a child I used to love jumping on my parents' bed with my eyes fixed on my image that was reflected three times by the mirror. Although I no longer abuse their poor mattress, I still look anxiously for my image, a reflection of myself both inside and out. Just as the mirror has three facets, so does my life- the unchanging glass of the past, the malleable glass of the present and the hidden glass of the future.

What does the final mirror, my future, reveal? That remains to be seen, but I know that within me lies the strength, the heart, and the persistence to achieve my goals. I cherish my education because learning is the foundation of my life and will enable me to reach my potential goal, dentistry, especially after receiving this fortuitous scholarship. When I received the semifinal review letter, I was grateful the foundation had considered me this far. Few weeks later the letter arrives that very well will change my life. The APIASF has helped several Asians like me in our community achieve a higher education. It seems as though it was just yesterday that I was searching for my future as a child in that mirror. But now, it's different. My dreams of studying at Oglethorpe University are about to become reality!

Shikha Saraswat
Shreveport, LA

My first reaction was that I did not receive the scholarship. The stereotype that a little, white envelope was the first indication of rejection completely deceived me. However, upon tearing open the letter and reading the first sentence, the fattest grin appeared on my face. After a few rejections from other scholarships, I was ecstatic that I finally qualified for one. I immediately walked up to my mom and asked her if we should go out to dinner tonight. She gave me a quizzical look and asked why. Again, I asked her if we should go out to dinner. Again, she asked why, so I gave in and said, "I won a scholarship!" She immediately began laughing and gave me a pat on the shoulder, saying "I knew you could do it, but the dinner will have to wait because I have already prepared tonight's food."

With this scholarship, I can and will utilize my resources and make the most out of my education. This scholarship will definitely enable me to continue my education in college so I can expand my horizons and explore more options in my career. Receiving this generous scholarship from APIASF will help ease the financial burden from my parents' shoulders and provide me with more even opportunities in college than the ones I have experienced throughout high school.

After completing an internship at FibroGen, Inc. a biotechnology company in South San Francisco, during the summer of 2006 I hope to major in biotechnology or biology at the University of California, Berkeley. One day I aspire to become a doctor or perhaps a pharmacist. However, nothing is for sure and I definitely will keep my eyes open. My ultimate dream, though, is not just too limited to a career.

One day I want to provide my own children with what my parents have blessed me with: a healthy life with the opportunity to explore life's options. My personal and educational goal is simple. It is to take advantage of all the resources that are provided for me and find opportunities to succeed no matter what. And what is success? To be able to live a life that embraces the ideals of perseverance and commitment that my dad has instilled in me, to challenge and push myself to be both what my father was and what he simply could not be, to fulfill both his dreams and mine...this is to have succeeded. But success begins with guidance and help from others. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for this scholarship.

I thank the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for planning and coordinating this scholarship program. Thank you for "building a national Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship organization that supports and encourages all Asian and Pacific Islander American students to pursue higher education, thereby developing future leaders who will contribute back to their communities, and ultimately, strengthening America."

Jeffrey Shu
San Mateo, CA

In my freshmen year of high school, I participated in the Gene Connection program. Over the course of a month, I was taught how to operate an array of machines and devices used in the biotechnology industry. After developing a strong interest in genetics, I chose to major in Bioengineering in college. My career goals include becoming a bioengineer specializing in in-vitro fertilization and also, one day, opening an egg donor agency. The agency would serve to match up donors with couples and help them along with the fertilization process, because my belief is that there is nothing greater than the gift of parenthood.

I understand that in order to reach my goals, I must continue my education. Continuing my education at the college of my choice has always been a dream of mine. When I found out about the APIASF scholarship from my career counselor at school, I was a little discouraged--I knew that a national scholarship foundation targeted primarily towards Asians and Pacific Islanders was bound to be very competitive. However, I figured I'd give it a shot.

After sending in my application, I anxiously waited for the outcome, but it wasn't to come for a few months. Finally, in April, I received a letter in the mail from APIASF congratulating me on becoming a scholarship recipient! I was shocked that I was one of the few that were chosen nationally to receive the scholarship. I was overjoyed as I jumped up and down and ran to my mom to tell her the exciting news. She was thrilled, because she knew that two thousand dollars was going to help out alot with college expenses.

I want to thank APIASF for giving me this opportunity to receive such a prestigious scholarship. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards APIASF and its generous sponsors. The mere existence of an organization like APIASF shows the confidence there is in the future generations of the Asian-American community. I know that receiving the scholarship made me feel like someome believed in me, and knowing that there would be some financial assistance with college expenses was very assuring.

After high school, I plan on attending University of California-Berkeley. After receiving a BS in Bioengineering, I plan to pursue a Master's Degree in Business Management. I also plan to partake in several internships, including one at Genentech, a biotechnology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Samantha Shum
S. San Francisco, CA

First of all I would like to thank The Asian & Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund and its generous sponsors for awarding me with this amazing scholarship. My brother was the first to see the letter. When I told him that I had been awarded the scholarship he hugged me and said that he was very proud and excited for me. My mom was also very happy and also said that she was very proud of me too. With the support of my mom and brother, I was very glad and enthusiastic to use the scholarship award towards my college goals.

In college, I plan to major in education. This scholarship will assist me in purchasing additional materials such as books, and school supplies that I will need to succeed in college. My success in college will allow me to complete college and lead me closer to achieving my main goal in becoming a High School Teacher. Once again I would like to thank the APIASF and its generous sponsors for they have contributed towards my success in college and later in life.

Margaret Siligo
Wahiawa, HI

Getting money for college is something that almost every family has to worry about, from books and fees to supplies and tuition, even room and board. I know that money doesn't grow on trees so when my mom showed me that there was a scholarship just for the Asian community I thought it was like our prayers had been answered.

I recently got into journalism at my school and I fell in love with it. There are so many things you can learn in just one year, I got excited to see how much I could learn in four years on a college level. If only having the will to learn would get you into college then my family would have been set. With it just being my mom and me and both us attending college this year there was no way I would be able to attend college with out help, when my mom and I found out that I actually got the scholarship our jaws literally dropped to the floor. We knew that this would my fees associated with tuition and it would make up for money we don't have.

I am hoping that with this scholarship I will be able to attend Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma next fall, I plan to major in journalism and minor in business. I would like to hopefully one day work at a fashion magazine. I want to thank everyone at APIASF for making my goals of going to college come true, and also let them know that what there organization does it something very special that I am truly grateful for.

Brittany Sisco
Lawton, OK

Who am I? I am a creator of dreams, hopes, lost love, and renewed foundations. I am the keeper of the stars, the night and day, the calm in the storm, a mother's love, the strength that keeps going, the smile on a face, and the passion for wanting more in life.

My written form of expression is a significant means of escape that I use to express my feelings without getting anyone else involved in my personal tribulations. I have found that writing is the best means of communication for me. As I sit here and think about what makes me so special, I wonder, does my passion for writing make me unique? What do I want to do with the rest of my life?

I want to go to college to meet new people, expand my horizons, and to be the first in my family to go beyond a high school diploma. When I write, I think about what life has in store for me. On the road of experience, I am just trying to find my own way, and make something more of life than my parents have.

My grades, my test scores, running, being a student body leader, and giving back to my community reflect the kind of person I am and want to be. I know that with determination, I will be headed somewhere in life, and will let my dreams and passion serve me well.

I have had many detours in my life, many unexpected and difficult realities. I have found, however, that writing, like running, offers a reprieve from these harsh realities: my family moving in with my grandparents, my parents fighting all the time, I having to take care of my younger brother and sisters, and finally, my parents separating.

I hope that as I further my education, my writing will develop, and I can use this gift to reach out to others, just as my teachers and mentors have done for me. My ambition and dream is to go to college and someday become a teacher. I hope that as a teacher, I will someday be able to touch the lives of adolescents just as my teachers have touched mine. My teachers have helped me to become stronger in the face of adversity: they have motivated me to do my best, and to use my writing ability to communicate and share with others.

When my mother and I found out that I became a recipient of this scholarship, we couldn't believe it. Having seen so many rejections sent to my peers, I thought that I was bound not to receive it as well. But I guess I was wrong now wasn't I? Your scholarship is another positive stepping-stone to making my dreams a reality. I don't know if there are words to express the appreciation and gratitude I feel for the opportunity you have given me. I promise that your faith in my will not go to waste.

Alanna Souza
Kapaau, HI

Ever since I was a very young child, I knew that my calling was to help others. As time went on, I came to the conclusion that the medical field was where I wanted to make my contribution. However, getting there is not a simple task. The financial resources required to fund a career in medicine can be mind-boggling, as I soon realized. Fortunately, there are organizations out there that can help, like the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and their generous sponsors. This year, I was extremely humbled and thankful to be a 2007 scholarship recipient. My family and I cannot express our gratitude with words alone, but truly this scholarship will help me to achieve my lifelong dream of working in the field of medicine.

Like many other applicants, I've faced obstacles in my life; however, through the help and encouragement of my parents and teachers, I was fortunate enough to achieve excellence in academics. I've always dreamed of becoming a general surgeon, and with the insight gained from a medical mentorship program this year, my career path has been reaffirmed. Beginning in the fall of 2007, I will be attending Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and will major in Biology with a pre-medical concentration. I owe much credit to my parents, teachers, and mentors who encouraged me along the way, sparking my interest and imagination. In the future, I hope to positively contribute to society by using my knowledge and skills to treat injury, disease, and deformity and to advance medical technology and health care for all citizens of the world.

Through the generosity of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and their extremely generous sponsors, I am one step closer to achieving my dreams. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to positively represent the Asian & Pacific Islander community, the great state of Alaska, and my country.

Hye Rim Stuhr
Eagle River, AK

is a tough day--full of tests, typical high school drama, and stress. I arrive home and make my way down the driveway to get the mail.

Bill...bill... letter from some obscure college that I've never heard of... bill... advertisement for the new Chinese place down the street... and oh, a letter from APIASF.

It's a standard- sized envelope. I guess this is my rejection letter (small envelopes typically scream out 'rejection letter'). I don't even bother walking into the house. I sit down on my stoop and open my mail.

To my surprise, the rejection letter opens up to read "...we would like to congratulate you..." It's my first scholarship thus far this year. It feels so good to get recognized for my accomplishments and to know that my college financial burden is lightened.

I immediately call my mother. She's ecstatic! She has been stressing over the costs of college. I suppose that's the job of parents--worrying. She's very pleased and sends me off the phone with "I'm so proud. Congratulations," in her broken English.

Next year I will be attending the University of Georgia. My major:

undecided. It's so typical college student, to not know what one wants to major in. I have flip-flopped back and forth between areas of medicine and business. In all honesty, I intend to fuse the two areas into a career that is personally satisfying and professionally stimulating. I have always been versatile. I want to be able to pursue many different goals in my future--- whether those future goals are in business or medicine still seems to be determined.

At times, living in the U.S can cause individuals to take things for granted. I believe that community service brings people back to reality--to realize how lucky they are and how because they are so lucky, they should share their happiness by helping those in need. I have worked hard all my life to succeed, as well as benefit others around me. Community service empowers everyone and thus, I will continue to contribute to society by spreading happiness through my helping hand.

Having a Cambodian- Chinese background, I have always wanted to go to Cambodia and see where my mother lived during her childhood. I want to make a difference in my cultural background. The APIASF scholarship just promotes that desire further--to help aid others, not only in my cultural background but all individuals in need.

I know that with the APIASF Scholarship, I will make the Asian community proud.

I would like to thank APIASF and its wonderful sponsors for aiding me in my future endeavors. The scholarship will surely help my college experience, and the monetary aid has already eased my mind about finances for next year.

Thank you so much.

Jou Taing
Marietta, GA

I am Nathan Tanoue, a home schooled senior. In the fall I will be attending Taylor University, located in Upland, Indiana, with the intent to study the sciences and major in biochemistry and pre-med. Working in the field of medical research has always been my dream, and the proven science programs at Taylor University will prepare me for such a career. I definitely plan to enter grad school in my future with the goal to obtain an M.D. or Ph.D. in specialized field of medicine or chemistry. My goals will be to develop new and more effective treatments for those with chronic and genetic illnesses, especially in the field of gastroenterology. However, I suspect that such a career will only be a springboard to leave a lasting impact on the world. Living with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, has inspired me toward this end.

When my family heard I won the APIASF scholarship, they were very excited for me. This scholarship will undoubtedly help me pursue my goals by alleviating some of the financial pressures of obtaining a post-secondary education. Instead of worrying about how to pay for college, I will be able to focus on my schooling and reaching my career and life goals. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all its generous sponsors for propelling me toward a higher education.

Nathan Tanoue
Honolulu, HI

First of all, I would like to thank to the financial support I have received from Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF). I can not thank these people enough for their support and generosity. When I feel depressed and not capable of reaching my goal, I think of all the people who believe in me and that gives me strength to keep on fighting for my dreams and goals.

In the fall, I plan to attend Penn State University Park as an undecided student. The reason is because it would give me the opportunity to explore what major best meet my interest. In addition, although, I still unsure what I want to be, I am sure that I want to become a role model and a mentor to young people with the same background of poverty I grew up in. I want to help them become aware of their potential to do better and greater things for themselves and their community. I and my family as a whole are very excited to know that I had won the APIASF scholarship.

This scholarship will help tremendously with my tuition costs. I have set my goals high and my education is very important in achieving my goals. My family circumstances would otherwise not have allowed me to continue my education in the way that I am going to be able to now. In granting me this opportunity you have probably single handedly changed the course of my future.

Furthermore, the money that will award to me will reduce some of the economic hardships I have encountered and have helped me focus more on my education. But there is something more valuable than money - I have received the extra push, the extra encouragement to go on, and the opportunity to pursue my dream in the future.

Once, again thanks to APIASF for helping me get closer to reaching a goal I once thought unreachable!

Chanrachna Thai
Philadelphia, PA

I have dealt with many challenges in my young life, but have been fortunate to receive many blessings as well, this APIASF Scholarship is one of them. As a second-generation Cambodian American from humble beginnings, I often wondered if there would be big things in the future for me. Growing up in crime-infested neighborhoods and attending schools that lacked any type of diversity will sometimes cause you to question yourself.

However I found sanctuary in a mentoring and tutoring after-school program that reached out specifically to inner-city Cambodian American youth. Once graced by the attention and the direction of inspiring mentors and role models, my confidence grew, my perspectives broadened, and I felt awakened inside. I believe that so many unchallenged and troubled youth have so much potential lying dormant inside of them, and they just need a small spark or a push to shine as all young stars do.

My experiences going from the depths of feeling forgotten and lost to illuminated and ambitious have spurred in me the passion to want to help inspire other young people who simply lack the direction and quality people in their lives to achieve and succeed. I want to become a teacher and a leader in the Cambodian community, and hope to one day motivate other Cambodian youth to attend college and live out their dreams. To accomplish this I plan to major in Psychology and Education upon attending the Ohio State University, along with mentoring and tutoring with the same program that inspired me. Upon hearing the news that I was a recipient of the 2007-2008 APIASF scholarship, my family and I were overwhelmed. My mom had no words to express how she was feeling and cried tears of joy. I in turn cried tears of joy for my mom. She has worked so hard to help me achieve and with her strength, I will become the first person in my entire family to go to college. My family and I are deeply appreciative to all the sponsors and people from APIASF, you all have opened doors for me and have given me the wings to pursue my goals. This scholarship will benefit me greatly and help me with my expenses for college. It has also strengthened my belief that even amongst many challenges, I can succeed and achieve by putting my mind to something and going for it. As the oldest of three children in my family and as a representative of the Cambodian community, I will do my best to take all of these blessings and gifts to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Thanks to the APIASF sponsors for helping me have the opportunity to have a higher education. I am determined to be a quality investment of APIASF and its sponsors by helping the Asian community pursue their dreams and goals and in doing so achieve my own.

Suvon Touch
Columbus, OH

It is not entirely nonsensical to visualize the doom of the universe without education as being a rapid and dramatic decline in the quality of all of our lives- worst than any Hollywood tragic film. "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance", and without a doubt, I have taken this saying to heart and being ignorant is an existing fear in my life. I aspire to become a nurse and anticipate a remarkable adventure living on-campus, and pursuing my career through the neo-natal nursing major. My aspiration extends to nursing overseas in third-world countries, and being an influential yet compassionate medical professional in my lifetime. I know that making a difference to someone has to start with making a difference for myself, and obtaining that necessary degree.

APIASF made the first big difference for me. Prior to being a truly thankful APIASF scholarship recipient, the dream of attending the University of California, Los Angeles- an incredible school for medical studies- seemed to be a far and distant reality. I remember staring at the housing contract alone, and then seeing my college daydreams withering quite miserably before me.

Then came the fateful day with the arrival of my first response from countless scholarship applications. I was absolutely ecstatic! My parents were so proud and I could see it in their wide smiles.

APIASF was investing $2,000 in me, they believed in me, and it was a boost not only in a financial sense, but even more so in morale. $2,000 would save me the heavy drag of tuition for my whole first semester!!!

It would be a whole first semester studying exactly what I am passionate about- health care.

Being a scholarship recipient inspires me greatly as a student, as I realize the support and faith coming from those assisting me largely in my studies. The money goes to a lot more than just tuition, but it pays for the college experience in general. That chance to interact with other driven minds, to deliver input and receive feedback, to study in an environment equipped with top medical facilities and zealous medical professionals, that chance is all mine to grasp with a $2,000 stepping stone pushing me forward in the right direction. I am confident and determined to make it so that the money pays itself back, and by that I mean walking out a well-rounded nurse with the capability to give back to the community through my success.

The scale of my gratefulness is absolutely inexpressible. I would like to personally thank the sponsors of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for believing in me, and allowing me to make a dream a bigger reality. I look forward to taking advantage of all opportunities my university career will offer to me, including traveling abroad for charity missions in Cambodia and various other countries. Your support and generosity drives me forward, gives me the means to make it happen. Thank you so much! I will make you proud!

Courtney Tran
Highland, CA

At the University of San Francisco, I plan to major in Chemistry and minor in Criminal Justice. The career goal that I'm planning to pursue is a pharmacist or forensic scientist. I'll most likely become a pharmacist because I want to aid people by providing them with the appropriate medication for their illnesses or diseases. I'm also hoping to do research with medication so that I could have the opportunity to discover any cures for incurable diseases such as AIDS and diabetes. If I'm fortunate enough to discover new cures for those diseases then the people in my community will benefit a lot from that. They'll be able to live a longer and healthier life. I'm hoping to give those people a chance to live a more fulfilled life without having to worry about a disease that will restrict them from many wonderful opportunities.

When I found out that I'd received the APIASF scholarship, I was both surprised and happy. I couldn't explain in words how joyful I felt. As for my family, they were really proud of me especially my parents. They knew that this scholarship would help me a lot in paying for my college education. Receiving this scholarship made college a possibility for me. My family's financial status is very low therefore this scholarship will greatly assist me in paying for my post-secondary education.

I would like to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors for granting me this scholarship. It means a lot to both me and my family. They made it possible for me to be the first generation in my family to actually attend college and have a chance at striving higher in life. The APIASF scholarship fund is a great program and I'm very honored to receive this scholarship from them. I promise to make the most out of this scholarship. As of right now, I'm really excited about college and am looking forward to the experiences that I'll encounter at the University of San Francisco.

Dao Tran
Honolulu, HI

My name is Ha Tran from Oklahoma City, OK. I'm an immigrant from Vietnam and I've lived a very simple life with simple values that my parents have instilled in me since I was born. One of these values is that money does not grow on trees, and ever since I started working as a hostess for six dollars an hour, I have come to a true understanding of that fact. My goal for my senior year was to get as many scholarships as I could so that my parents would not have to pay for my college education. I was very excited when I found out that I was a scholarship recipient because I knew that there were many people competing for it. My parents are even more proud of me now and I thank you for that because that is what matters the most to me. My parents have always been supportive of me, no matter what I wanted to do or how badly I messed up, they have always offered their encouragement and I know that if I could not pay for a penny of my college education, they would give everything they had to send me to wherever I wanted to go. With the help of the APIAS Fund, I have moved one step closer to achieving this short-term goal and one step closer to my long-term goal of becoming a pharmacist. The more money I earn through scholarships such as this one, the less I would have to worry about paying for college and the more time I would have to concentrate on my studies.

I will be attending the University of Oklahoma starting this fall and then hopefully, I will be starting graduate school three years from then. However, like many people in my situation, nothing is set in stone. I am also interested in engineering and teaching younger children, but at the moment, pharmacy seems to be the best path for me. I love to volunteer and help people and I would love to do that for the rest of my life, but I do have to make money somehow too. Pharmacy allows me to help people without seeing all the blood and guts that doctors have to deal with. I admit, I am about the most squeamish person you'll ever meet.

I would like to thank everyone at the APIAS Fund for offering such a great scholarship to young people like me, not only for the financial help, but for the encouragement that you give to us. You have set a good example for us and proven time and time again that we can make a difference in this world. I would also like to thank you for putting your faith in me, and I will try my best to live up to your expectations.

Ha Tran
Oklahoma City, OK

After coming to San Diego, California from Vietnam was I was four, I performed poorly in elementary school because I spoke little English. I did not participate in class much and kept talking to my Vietnamese buddies. Luckily, I had a mentor and she took me out of class to help me improve my English skills. At the sessions, my mentor and I played games, have conversations, and read. The language barriers soon shattered as I became more involved and voluntary raised my hand in class.

With the help I have received to be who I am today, I am giving back to my community by tutoring students. I have helped 6th and 7th graders at The Preuss School UCSD with their homework on certain Saturdays. Last summer, I was a tutor for my fourth grade teacher at Central Elementary, where I helped his students write haikus, design tribal masks, and use computers to google information on rainforest animals. Reflecting on the past and my experiences, I now dream of becoming a teacher after receiving a B.S. in Chemistry. I want to focus on teaching students from disadvantaged backgrounds because I want to give them the message that I was like them once, but I overcame my challenges and so can they with a little help.

Since I am a gay student, I plan to be the advisor of a Diversity Club at the high school I teach. I want to help students to be comfortable with themselves and ensure them that they can always seek help or advice when needed. Also, with my influence on college importance from The Preuss School UCSD, I want to help my students apply to college and scholarships and be there to tell them "Yes you can" when they lack support. With my help and encouragement, I hope my students will graduate high school prepared in chemistry and for college.

My entire family was ecstatic when I told them I am a recipient of the APIASF scholarship. As always, my parents have always been supportive of me because I want to go to college to make something of myself.

Because of the Vietnam War, they were deprived of their dreams and goals. When they made the decision to come over to America like many of other Vietnamese people, they wanted a better future for their children. My parents have seen me grow to be a successful son and they are proud of all my accomplishments.

I want to thank APIASF and their sponsors for helping Asians and Pacific Islanders to achieve their dreams in going to college. Instead of paying $2,000 out of my own pocket for overpriced books or tuition, I am already able to cover that expense. The sponsors of APIASF are extremely generous to support college bound students like me. With so much support from my family and APIASF, I know I will excel in my years of college at Thurgood Marshall at University of California, San Diego.

Hieu Tran
San Diego, CA

My tired eyes scanned the road. Despite the easy drive, my mind wandered as I thought about all the homework I had to do and the tests I had to study for. Suddenly, my mom, who was sitting next to me, broke my trance.

"You got something in the mail today," she said in Chinese.

She only nodded and told me to pay attention to the road. I dutifully followed her directions, motivated by the mysterious mail. Once I went into the house, I found the letter on the kitchen table and opened it immediately. I was a recipient of the APIASF scholarship! Surprise overwhelmed me because I was not expecting this honor at all, but it certainly made my day.

For me, the APIASF scholarship will help me in so many ways. In the short term, it will lessen the financial burden on my family and reduce the hefty loans that I must pay for my education. In the long term, it enables me to pursue intellectual opportunity at the University of Virginia.

Ever since the second grade, I have been fascinated by the hows, whys, causes, and effects of the scientific field. In the beginning, my teacher, Mrs. Black, inspired me with demonstrations, books, and videos. Yet, since then, I have inspired myself by seeking out research opportunities such as science fair projects and attempting to answer my own questions with the help of my teachers, peers, and textbooks. As a result, I hope to pursue the sciences, biology, chemistry, or physics in college as my major, fueling my search for greater fulfillment and purpose.

With a strong foundation in the sciences as well as depth and breadth in the liberal arts, I hope to attend medical school in order to become a pediatrician. With a career in medicine, I can incorporate my love for the sciences, manifested in my education, and my compassion for others, embodied in my volunteerism. Most importantly, though, being a pediatrician provides the ultimate learning adventure because I continue to learn about the ever-changing medical field as well as about my patients through my multifaceted profession. As a kid, I trusted my pediatrician for treating my symptoms and giving me advice. As an adult, I want to use my skills to foster a similar sense of trust as well as maintain the health of every patient.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for APIASF and its sponsors. I want to thank APIASF and all the individuals and organizations that support it for believing in me and awarding me this scholarship so that I can make a difference in my own life, the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and the broader world. With the continued support of APIASF and its sponsors, Asian and Pacific Islander youth can continue to dream, inspire, and take action by applying their education in the real world.

Jennifer Tran
Arlington, VA

This coming fall, I plan to major in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. I hope to be involved in social work or children psychology in the coming future. I chose psychology as my intended major primarily because I want to learn how people behave accordingly to thoughts, people, and the surrounding environment. By understanding the way humans behave and interact in a society, people would be able to live happier lives. Living in such a highly stressful society, I hope to appease the social life of individuals. After being involved in the American Red Cross Y-HAVE Program and volunteering at one-day health events such as AIDS WALK( at University of California Irvine), RELAY for LIFE (for Cancer patients), Light the Night (for Leukemia patients), I felt a passion to educate my peers on health-related issues. I intend to further my volunteerism and outreaching at the University of California. My extensive involvement in school clubs, with presidential roles in two academic clubs, I feel a necessity to be an active leader at the University of California, Berkeley.

The APIASF scholarship will provide the direction for my educational pursuits. With this scholarship, I will not need multiple part-time jobs in college. I can fully concentrate on my work-studies and excel at CAL without financial troubles. Without the necessity to obtain various jobs, my time will be heavily spent on educating and empowering my peers.

My family and I want to express our greatest gratitude towards the APIASF Scholarship Committee. This scholarship would certainly help defray some of the costs associated with my undergraduate years at CAL. After receiving multiple scholarship rejections, this news of attaining the APIASF scholarship relieved my family of the stress towards my tuition costs. It lifted an invisible burden from my parents.

Lisa Tran
Westminster, CA

My name is Tuyen Tran. I am a senior at North Garland High School. My major will be Pharmacy and I hope to become a pharmacist. I was ecstatic after opening my mail and finding out that I had won the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund scholarship. My parents were very proud of me. I will be the first in my family to go to college. The APIASF scholarship will help me meet my educational and professional goal of becoming a pharmacist. I understand that going to college will cost a large amount of money but I believe it will be worth every penny. I want to go to college so that I may have an education and an opportunity to fulfill my dreams. In a way, this scholarship is like a helping hand that reaches out and pulls me closer to my goal. My family and I want to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors for their financial help toward my education.

Tuyen Tran
Garland, TX

Thank you Asian and Pacific Islander American Foundation for selecting me for this award. I am eternally grateful for the generosity of the APIASF community and all if it's supporters for offering such a charitable scholarship. My mother and I were both stunned when I received the acceptance letter. Out of thousands of applicants, I was astonished by my reception. On behalf of my family and I, we would like to express our interminable gratitude. My costs for tuition and books at the University of Florida will be tremendously offset by your scholarship. With the concern for expenses alleviated, I will focus on my desire to pursue my studies in Business Administration.

Garman Tsang
Windermere, FL

In the beginning of the year I bought a big book from Barnes and Nobles, listing the different scholarships and criteria for each. I looked over it for a week, circling the ones that I qualified for. APIASF was one of the first scholarships I did with the uncertainty and apprehension of a first time scholarship applicant. I was not sure I could get any scholarship with so many other qualified applicants in the nation. Because of this I would really like to thank the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all of its supporters for giving me this chance to pursue my education. I am very grateful and I plan to use my education to educate others in the future as an elementary teacher.

I have known that I wanted to be an elementary teacher since kindergarten so I am ecstatic that my dream can now become a reality. I will be entering the University of La Verne in California in the fall, and it is primarily because of this scholarship that I am able to.

The experience I had when I found out that I was a recipient was a memorable one. I was at tennis practice and I called my grandma to see if any mail came in because I had to register for a school and I was not sure if I could afford a school on the mainland. When I called my grandma, she said mail had come from APIASF. Excited, I told her to open it. I could tell it was good news when she started screaming. In response, I started jumping up and down at the tennis courts, while my tennis team congratulated me. I will never forget the smiles on my grandparent's faces as I came home that day. It was filled with a pride for me that I haven't seen in a while.

For this experience and this wonderful opportunity to pursue my dreams and continue my education, I am eternally grateful to this foundation and its supporters. I am sure that I will not waste this gracious gift and I plan to work my hardest to succeed. Thank you!

Arisha Tsukuda
Honolulu, HI

My name is Leianna Vaiese and I am a senior at Nathan Hale High School located in Seattle, WA. I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship provided by APIASF and its generous sponsors. The APIASF has given me the chance to pursue my dreams of a higher education and a career in medicine. I will be attending the University of Washington and earn an undergraduates degree in psychology. My post secondary education will help to pursue my career as a physicians assistant. I have developed my aspirations for higher education since I saw the lives of those closest to me suffer while living in poverty as they lived on welfare or earned minimum wage jobs because they had no education beyond high school. Throughout my life I faced obstacles no one else could imagine. Everyday someone is doing more, accomplishing their goal, and setting a new pace for their life. And thanks to APIASF who are providing me with the opportunity to accomplish my goals I have set in the education path and giving me a path of life to follow by supporting me financially.

It was a memorable day for me to celebrate as a recipient for this scholarship. When my family and I found out about this wonderful blessing they cried tears of joy for the opportunity that will help ease our financial difficulties. My mother was most ecstatic to hear about the wonderful news being granted such a great opportunity. She noted how proud she was of my accomplishments and how eager she is about my future plans now that this will be a great and helpful factor. My mother has been my greatest support through everything I have done and as I continued pursuing a post-secondary education, finances did not stop her support for me nor did it obstruct my desire and need for a college education. This is why I am so thankful for this APIASF scholarship for granting me the ability to make my college dreams come true. In my pursuit of a degree that would help me set my career path to becoming ultimately possible, I needed the extra financial support to help me continue through.

Leianna Vaiese
Seattle, WA

My name is Bao Vang and I am eighteen years old. I live in Marysville and am currently attending Lindhurst High School. I am the second oldest and am the first generation in my family to attend a post-secondary institute. In the fall of 2007, I will be attending University of California, Davis where I plan to get my Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering (with a concentration in Structural Engineering). After receiving my degree, I plan to get experience in being an actual civil engineer and then take the exam to become a certified professional engineer. This is where I plan to help improve the transportation system and to balance the growing demands of commuters.

When I found out that I was one of the 2007 APIASF Scholarship recipients, I was so happy. It was similar to a dream come true wish and what I experienced on the night of my eighth grade promotion. I was so excited that I couldn't stop smiling. My family was also very happy for me when I revealed to them about receiving this scholarship. They will certainly have less stress because I'm attending a university that will cost me about $21,000 per year.

This scholarship will definitely assist me to pursue my goals by helping me pay for some of my expenses, whether it's the tuition or the cost of books. This scholarship is also a motivating force for me. The APIASF scholarship will definitely decrease a large amount of stress from my shoulders. I wouldn't have to worry so much about my college expenses and that I don't have sufficient money. I would actually be able to concentrate more on my studies and achieve my career goal.

I want to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to apply for this minority scholarship and to be a recipient. The scholarship means so much to me. It's like someone sent you to help me with my worries that I wouldn't be able to afford a higher education.

Bao Vang
Marysville, CA

When the mail came in, I thought it would be another letter of denial because I didn't see "Congratulations" in the first line of the sentence. I carefully read it again, and was stunned when I saw the word on the second line. I'm a APIASF Scholar! My parents showed little appreciation, but I understand that deep in their hearts, they are proud of my accomplishments.

Growing up, I have been fascinated by the use of technology. I am interested in what technology will take us in the future, therefore I would want to pursue a science/engineering degree. My career goal is to join other engineers on a research to develop new models of hybrid cars that can be placed at a cheaper price, and also expand the use of solar technology for households.

Throughout my life, I am exposed to science and technology, and I feel very lucky for that because my parents and many Hmong elders had limited access to technology. As children, my parents fled to Thailand and later came to America to escape from the genocide in Laos because our people have helped the American CIA in the Vietnam War. They have no choices nor a plan for the future. Adapting to the American Culture is a dilemma. I can still remember my parents telling my siblings and me that we are their hope, their future. I kept their statement as an expectation therefore I can push myself to the best of my abilities in achieving my goals. Discovering that my seven siblings and I had the opportunity to get an education, my parents worked rigorously to support us in whichever way they can. I don't want my parents' sacrifices to be futile.

Unlike my parents, I have many opportunities and choices ahead of me. I want to make use of my education and career. I was brought into a world where I don't have to wait weekly for food and supplies and flee from genocide. I am a self-motivated individual who sees life's obstacles as motivators, not excuses. I have the potential to go beyond minimum requirements to succeed in my life and education. I have a strong desire to help my community, and give demonstrations of my culture to others. I care for my family members and friends, so I want to make a positive impact in their lives. I want to have a future that I can make choices, and I believes college is the first step to all of this. A college degree will open more opportunities for me.

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank the APIASF staff members and their generous donors for selecting me as one of APIASF's 2007 scholarship recipients. I depends on my financial aid and loans to help pay for my education. Receiving this scholarship without doubt, will definitely help reduce my financial burdens and will also motivate me to continue my education at the University of California, Davis.

Fong Vang
Marysville, CA

My name is Ka Vang and I am a 2007 graduate of North Community High School. In the fall of 2007, I plan to attend Northwestern College in Roseville, MN to double major in Psychology and Women's Ministries. My career goal is to become a Christian Counselor, and with the support of APIASF, my dreams are becoming a reality.

Being accepted to college is a very big deal in my family, because neither of my parents had the opportunity to go to college. My parents moved here from Thailand to make a better life for my family, but when my dad passed away a few years ago, my mother was left to work herself to support me and my 8 siblings. Receiving this scholarship is helping more than just me go to college--it's helping my whole family feel proud and helping us believe that if we work hard, we can achieve our dreams.

Ka Vang
Minneapolis, ME

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship will mean a lot to me and my family, since I will be the very first one to go to college. I had applied to many scholarships but never heard from them.\001 I got discouraged about going to college because I didn't have the money. I am so happy to know that there are people out there who are willing to help. All of you, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all of its supporters, will make a difference in my life. My parents are very traditional and know nothing about what it means to be able to go to college or receive an award. However, they are very happy and proud that I was able to get through high school and didn't run off to get married like many other girls. Even today, my parents can not believe that I have received a scholarship and will be attending the University of Minnesota , Morris. My parents rejoice from all the hard work they put in to raise a family of thirteen kids.

APIASF will be a very good source to help me pay my tuition.\001 Now I don't have to worry about money and can just focus on studying hard for my classes. Right now, I am still undecided about my major. I found out that I really like graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, and so I am thinking about Graphic Design focusing more into the Printing Press Industry. Someday, after pursuing my BA, I plan to work in a professional graphic design environment with movie producers such as Walt Disney, Pixar, or Dream Works.

Pang Houa Vang
Minneapolis, MN

The business industry has been the epitome of a life long dream that I have envisioned growing up as a kid observing divine skyscrapers, which housed top executives, managers, and floors upon floors of employees. I have studied how a business presentation is conducted and I just want to plant myself in that position presenting to the president and representatives about new concepts and innovations. The traveling that is involved in doing business is one that appeals to my adventurous taste and trek embarking character. My fascination with corporate America has channeled me to major in Business Administration and turn a dream into reality. I hope to one day manage my own business or work for a big name company, and finally then, I will be able to walk with the giants of my childhood and peer upon the luminous city skyline from my office window.

My parents have always taught me to give to others, so that others may do the same thing and erect a circle of giving. What I have planned after getting my MBA degree and building up a sufficient flow of capital, is to revisit my impoverished community and help launch opportunity projects that will help build the community's reputation and create a steady economy for the community. I hope that my actions will create a spark in the minds of youths and inspire them to become future leaders, teaching others the value of giving. In the end, it's not about making it big, but making a big difference.

Who would have thought that I could be selected as a recipient of the APIASF scholarship out of a pool of eligible students. So, when I received the news that I was selected as a recipient, I was utterly dumbfounded. I wanted to bust out in ecstasy, but I was on the phone, so I abruptly regained my composure and carried out the news in a well fashion manner. My parents were just as jubilant as I was when I told them the news. We later rejoiced over my feat by going out to dinner that evening.

The last thing I want to do is take out a loan and put myself into a position where I can't combat the interest fees. I am grateful to have received the APIASF scholarship to help further my quest for a higher education. The scholarship will take some burden off from my college expenses, but most importantly, it'll help me build a strong foundation in knowledge, from which my future will sprout and take form.

I would like to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors for getting me a step closer to achieving my dream. It is sponsors like you who enables students like me to look beyond the horizon and open new doors that would have been locked forever, if not for your generosity. I praise all the efforts that APIASF and its sponsors have done for the Asian and Pacific Islander community in fostering higher education and the minds of tomorrow. Once again, my hat goes off to APIASF and its supporters for making not only my dream possible, but others as well.

Yang Vang
Marysville, CA

I got it, I got it." My high-pitched scream broke the silence in the house after I read the letter on my hand. My parents looked at me curiously as I jumped up and down like a little kid. There is no words can describe my feeling when I informed my parents that I had become an APIASF scholarship recipient. I was absolutely overjoyed to be given the opportunity to take a step closer to my goal.

Being a recipient of a national scholarship was an unbelievable surprise to me. Because of my lack in writing, I was not confident in getting any scholarship which required a good essay. Worse than that, I was also discouraged about getting in college because my family was financially unable to help me. But, with the support of my English teacher, I applied for APIASF scholarship with the hope that maybe an Asian and Pacific Islander organization could help an immigrant girl like me.

APIASF scholarship not only helps me in finance, but also my spirit as well. Besides covering a term's tuition, APIASF makes me believe in myself once again. Now, I am ready to attend college confidently and energetically.

In this fall, I will attend University of Colorado at Denver to pursue a degree in pre-pharmacy. Finding out that math and chemistry are my favorite subjects in high school, I would like to study more about them and that is why I pick pre-pharmacy as my major in college.

As for the future, I always dream to be an outstanding pharmacist. Being a pharmacist will allow me to provide people good quality care and the best cost-effective medication, yet living a healthy and a happy life.

Being recognized as an APIASF scholarship recipient, I deeply appreciate and thank you very much for your scholarship gift of two thousands dollars. I promise to work hard with my relentless commitment. I hope that one day I will be able to give something back to those who have assisted me to achieve my dreams.

Linh-Phuong Vu
Thornton, CO

I choose the biomedical sciences to be my major through the University of Pennsylvania's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, because of my desire to be in the life sciences. My name is Zhicong, with meaning by its Chinese characters - to learn, to be humble and willing to sacrifice as the legendary Chinese female doctor of the same name Zhi (Dr. Qiao-Zhi Lin).

The biological sciences and engineering are most important for building a strong society of people in excellent physical and mental health. I like to read news of inventions in medicines, diagnostic technology, and medical treatments, all of which result from a better understanding of the life sciences. At Penn, I will continue my learning of the sciences and develop the skills to pursue my future career as a medical doctor.

Because I come from an Asian background, I am fortunate to be able to view the world from two different sets of eyes. I am proud to be an Asian-American in the United States today; I am even more proud to have earned distinction with the prestigious Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship through my hard work and preserverance. This great honor will be my foundation, as I work hard to achieve even greater milestones in my life journey.

True to my name, I am determined to be a medical scholar. Being awarded the APIASF is not only a financial encouragement, but also a strong motivation for me to succeed as a Asian-American medical doctor. Coming from a family whose members suffer from severe heart attacks and other painful chronic diseases, I am empathetic to the sufferings of all the disease-afflicted people and pledge myself acquiring a medical degree. I will be forever grateful to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and its generous supporters for their kindness and spirit in providing this wonderful opportunity. I will work hard to fulfill my commitment to serve the community as a successful medical doctor.

Zhicong Wang
Menomonie, WI

With this scholarship that I have won, I am now a step closer to my dreams of becoming a doctor. This Scholarship will help with a hefty sum of tuition, which would lessen my financial struggles at school. Thank you so much for giving me this prestigious award. I am truly grateful of the opportunities APIASF and all his sponsors have bestowed upon me.

This scholarship really means a lot to me. Thank you for the support from APIASF; I can now fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I would like to give most of my thanks to all the generous sponsors who support this Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. Without their help, a lot of kids like me would have never gotten a chance to achieve their life goals.

My mother and sister are both excited upon hearing of this good new, and can hardly believe that this is true. We can barely believe I am one of the 200 honored winners. I have decided to major in Bio-Chem; eventually I want to become a doctor. I hope in the future I can help a lot more people, people who are in need of help. Just as I have learned from this scholarship fund program, it is a joy at heart to give and receive.

Lawrence Wong
Castro Valley, CA

This scholarship is going to help me out a lot for college. This scholarship will make the transition from high school to college so much easier. When my family and I found out that I was one of the recipient, it brought so much relief. We all understand how tough college is and how much it costs. This is going to help me cover my books as well as some of my room and board fees. This fall, I will be attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I'm not sure exactly what my major will be but I want to involved with either health, education, astrology or public services. If I enter the health field, I would like to work in an emergency room, a setting that is fast pace. If I end up teaching, I am leaning towards high school math. Whatever path I end up taking, I want to help others and teach them to become their best. I want to be that one person that inspires them.

I would like to say thank you to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and its sponsors for providing me with this wonderful scholarship. This scholarship will not be wasted, I will use this scholarship to the best of my abilities, where needed. Thank you again

Michelle Wong
Glendale, AZ

Growing up, so many things were changed in my life. But I never give up my goal which is to attend college and to graduate from it. January 14^th, 2007 it was an unforgettable day in my life. I receive the acceptance letter from Temple University, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I was so exciting when I saw that I was accepted To College of engineering at Temple University. I could not wait any second to call my parents to tell them this good news.

Two weeks later after I received the acceptance letter from Temple University. I receive financial award letter from Temple University. I was agonizing when I saw the tuition charge. Announce by temple university, because of my parents' tax return form is from New York City, probably I will be listed an out-state student. Which means my tuition will be double. And I can not receive any financial aid from state government of Pennsylvania.

I was so exciting to be a recipient of APIASF scholarship. Two thousands dollars is the money I need to fund my college. I do not need to worry about tuition fee any more. My family felt free and I could be a electrical engineering.

There is not word to express how wonderful to get support from APIASF. I need to thank APIASF to make a chance for me to experience the life of college. I need to thank APIASF o give out their help to Asian and Pacific Island youth. And I need to thank APIASF to make our community better.

Guo Wu
Phiadelphia, PA

As I'll be entering Fresno State University, my major will be in liberal studies. I want to become a teacher in the future. In the meantime, my career goal is to work as a college student work studies that's in an environment of school related works. This would help me get the experience in teaching. When I got this letter, the first sentence blew me away, "we would like to congratulate you on becoming an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic year," I got really carry away that I won. I didn't even finish the letter as I just scream. That scream was a scream of joy, happiness, and amazement. The sound of my scream worried my mom as she came running down the hall to my room to see what happen. I told her and we both scream. By the time everyone know about this excitement, we were all really happy about it. My parent were really proud of me in my success and I was glad I did it. I think that with this APIASF scholarship will help me in a lot of ways to pursue my goals. It will finically help me to get my study books, tuition, and personal needs. To others this is not a lot of money, but to me, this is a lot to me and it is really useful to me, so I would like to thank APIASF and its generous sponsors to make this happen for me. I want to say thank you to Robert Underwood, Ted Y. Mashima, and Bindi Patel for giving me this opportunity to win this scholarship award. Thank you very much and I wish the best luck to all of you.

Dang Xiong
Fresno, CA

First of all, my family and I would like to thank APIASF for choosing me as one of the recipients out of the thousands that had applied. We are really blessed to have those out there to support students who wish to continue their education. Not only is this the first scholarship that I have received, but it is also the first scholarship received in my family, with 4 siblings already graduated from high school.

I will be attending East Carolina University, NC in the Fall of 2007. I plan to major in business and minor in French. After my college education, my top priority is to create a flourishing business. I intend to continue volunteering and providing services to help make my community and several others a safer and better place to live. Also, in view of the fact that most Hmong students never finish high school, I want to become an inspirational person and encourage younger generations to continue their education and provide what they can to their community.

The results of my unknown success in the future will all be thanked to the sponsors of APIASF and others who had helped to donate. The amount given would really help me get through college without worrying much about taking student loans. Once again, thank you for your generosity and the continuation to support students who wish to obtain higher levels of education.

Linda Xiong

Linda Xiong
Morganton, NC

So, I may be getting this in a little later than expected. But the thing is, a lot of personal issues has occurred within my family and it almost slipped my mind. I'm sorry, but this scholarship is important to me and that's wy I'm getting this in a little later than never.

First things first, I want to thank APIASF and all of its generous sponsors for allowing me to be the APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic year. It's an honor, it truly is. For me to be able to receive this type of aid means that another dead end road has just opened itself up to me. It's taking me a closer step into pursuing a higher education.

I can still remember the day that I had received the letter. It came in a regular sized envelope, you know, not the big kind where you definitely know you got the reward. So, I just figured, "aww, maybe next year." I just assumed that it was a letter of rejection. And what made it worse was the fact that it was prom night. My evening was ruined before it even got here. But then, my mother was like, "well, aren't you going to open it?" My parents were anxious for me. I was skeptical, I didn't think I could handle the rejection, but I opened it anyways. And that's when I saw "On behalf of...," I shouted from the top of my lungs. I was ecstatic. It was like nothing else had mattered. My parents cried with tears of joy. They were very proud of me. They told me that that was less overtime hours that they would have had to work to pay for my schooling. I felt bad, I didn't want my parents to stress over me. And with this reward, I just felt that another burden was lifted off of their shoulders. It felt truly phenomenal. I don't think that words could ever describe how I felt that day.

Now, it's for certain that I will be attending college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I plan on completing the two-year pre-professional pharmacy program at UNC-G and then applying to pharmacy school. Pharmacy will be my major and I plan to have to minor in business administration. With this reward it will allow, myself, a Montagnard, whose parent came to America with nothing, the opportunity to actually become something. Once again, thank you so much for everything. This is truly a blessing.

H. Juel Ya
Greensboro, NC

I am currently a student at Patrick Henry High School in the International Baccalaureate program. As a senior graduating in just a few weeks I am anxious, excited, and afraid all at the same time waiting to see what the future holds for me. I will be attending the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in the fall of 2007 and is undecided of a major as of this moment. However, I do have thoughts about entering into the business for pharmaceutical field where I would be able to explore the world through working with people and be able to use my analytical skills. My career goal for the future is just being able to find what I am really interested in order to decide on what kind of major I will be entering into. I believe that by going to college it will only encourage me to expect more of myself and be able to figure who I want to be in order to support both my daughter and myself.

When I first received the letter from APIASF in the mail, I was not very excited at all because I thought to myself that it is probably just another one of those denial letters. However, when I opened it up I soon began to feel a rush of excitement through my entire body after reading the word "congratulate". I was so thrilled and immediately spread the good news to my parents and then to the rest of my family. Everyone was just as thrilled and showed a lot of appreciation for this sort of benefit in helping students with a low income as myself to be able to attend college with less money to pay back or maybe none at all. The APIASF scholarship, I know, will do nothing but help me through college. By receiving such an award, it has pushed me one step closer to attending college and being able to pay for the expenses. It has also pushed harder to want to further my education in order to be able to support a life that I have created on my own: my daughter. Thank you APIASF for this opportunity. Through this scholarship, it has truly encouraged me to strive for bigger and better things in life and it has given me another reason to go out into the world and figure out who I am as an individual. Thank you again!

Choua Yang
Minneapolis, MN

Each morning, I begin by opening my planner to see what the day will bring. Invariably, there will be one or two meetings, a paper due or test scheduled, and a lab right around the corner. Highlighted dates boldly remind me of looming deadlines as to-do lists scribbled in the margins beckon to be fulfilled. Yet while some may find such a packed agenda overwhelming, I meet each day's column of tasks with a renewed zeal and quiet determination. For throughout the four years of my high school career, I have learned the art of balancing my personal, extracurricular, and academic lives, thereby accomplishing the most possible. With my planner by my side and armed with an indefatigable sense of optimism, I have danced through life, mastering even the most complex maneuvers.

Yet now, I find myself confronted with the most difficult waltz I've ever encountered: the transition from high school to college. Here is where my agenda fails me, for I do not know what the future years will bring. I have a skeleton routine in mind: studying chemical engineering at Princeton University; remaining heavily involved in community service; and eventually pursuing a career in chemical engineering and/or business. Yet the individual steps and flairs that will distinguish my next four years remain to be discovered.

Still, while new themes and unknown measures will dominate the soundtrack of my next four years, one thing that is for sure is that I will not have to worry about my financial situation. Through the generosity of organizations such as APIASF, I am incredibly happy to report that my entire undergraduate college education is covered. No words can express how elated my family and I were when we realized this, or how grateful I am to APIASF and all of its generous supporters for believing in my potential and helping me better myself through the attainment of knowledge. The large sum granted to me has served as the stepping stone towards my life goals: to help my home, school, and community in all ways possible; to be successful in whatever career I pursue; to bring my entire family on a visit to China; and to always be happy.

The day I graduate from high school, I will embark on a dance unlike any other I've ever attempted before. I know not what turns or dips I will encounter, nor what the final strains of music shall sound like. All I know is that it will be something wonderful. And for this opportunity--for turning on the music of my future--I thank you with all of my heart.

Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Recipient Profile | Jane Yang | 2007-2008

Jane Yang
Ypsilanti, MI

My father use to say, "If you know something of great value, do not keep it to yourself when it is in need. Do well to help others and if you fall into a black hole in the future, help will come your way." I had kept these words and finally understood why my parents enjoy giving herbs to those who are in need. They were my inspiration and excelled my motivation to become a Pharmacist. As a Pharmacist I will be able to help people just like my parents. I want to experience my parent's happiness in helping others. I want to create a better place for my community and ethnic community to live in. In addition, I want to study International Business as a minor. During my middle and high school years, I spent a total of five years studying Mandarin Chinese. Five years is a lot of time and I should make good use of this.

When I applied for APIASF scholarship, I thought that I would not have a chance to win. As days past, I started to worry about how I was going to pay for college. Then suddenly I received an envelope in the mail. It was from APIASF saying that I won the scholarship. My parents were so proud of me. With this scholarship I don't need to worry about paying for college and graduate with a lot of debts. Winning this scholarship gave me great hopes that I could still get a higher education even though I'm a Hmong girl. Stereotypically, Hmong girls become early weds before they finish college. So I'm glad that I had the chance to excel this type of stereotype and be different.

With APIASF scholarship, it will help me reach my goals. This helped open my eyes and open many opportunities for me. Now, I could finally study abroad for a year in China. I will also still be able to major in Pharmacy. I want to thank the APIASF sponsors for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship. With out APIASF I would not be able to find my keys to success. You (APIASF) act as my key of success. I am once a broken wing bird and with this new wing I could fly freely. I am thankful that there are such kind hearted people like APIASF.

Khou Yang
ST.paul, MN

My family and I were extremely thrilled to learn that I was an APIASF scholarship recipient. Our appreciation for this help can not be put into words. My parents were very proud that I had received this award. This will help my family and me so much because I already have two sisters in college. This scholarship will go towards my college education, and it will help to boost the furthering of my education. I will be majoring in international business, and it is my plan to become a corporate lawyer in the near future. Education means a lot to me and my family. I can not express fully how much this scholarship means to me and how thankful I am to be honored with this award. Thanks to APIASF and its benevolent sponsors, the financial worries of mine have been reduced and I will be able to study at a great university beginning fall 2007.

Malee Yang
Conover, NC

College is a special time for many people. With this new experience come maturity, self-awareness, and independence. College students enjoy the freedom to set their own goals and establish their own path in life. Sadly, some young adults do not have the luxury of pursuing this edifying lifestyle. And some do.

I was sleeping at three `o clock in the afternoon when the event occurred.

My mother rushed into the room with two envelopes in her hand, eyes spotted with curiosity. Drowsy from the brisk interruption of my daily nap, I sloped upwards and faced my mom.

"You have two letters son. Which one will you open first?"

"I don't know, does the decision matter? Opening one letter before another does not have a real impact on what is in the second letter."

"YES, it does. You must CHOOSE which letter to open. Choose wisely...for this momentous occasion may change your life..."

Reaching for the larger envelope-it was closer to my hand-I ripped open the packet and slowly extracted the goods, golden ticket-style. I began to read.

"Mmmhmm, my name is on the paper...Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund... congratulate...recipient...WAIT! I won?! Oh my deity, I won!"

Jumping up from my bed, I embraced my awe-struck mother in what could have been a prime family moment. She pushed me off.

"Wait, are you sure you won the scholarship? You better read the letter over again."

Thank you Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship fund for helping me take control of my life and live my dreams. The money I am receiving will go towards relieving my parents of a large financial burden. Furthermore, being gifted with this prestigious award will allow me to advance another step towards achieving my goal of become a psychiatrist, a profession which is economically challenging to prepare for.

David Yau
Tampa, FL

My name is Shan Ning Ye and I am currently a senior at Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon. My family is originally from China and I am a first-generation Chinese American. My favorite subjects in school include AP European History, Spanish, and Anatomy and Physiology. I would like to pursue a degree in medicine and music, if possible. I am involved in my school's chapter of the National Honor Society, which I volunteer in my spare time to earn my participation hours. Also in my spare time, I like to teach piano to my two wonderful students who have been learning with me for almost one year. I am very proud of their progress and hope to continue teaching them in the future. Next year, I plan to attend Willamette University in hopes of pursuing a B.A. in science and music. I hope to become a pediatrician in the future as I enjoy working and taking care of children. The reason why I would like to double major with music is because I have played the piano for 10 years and would like to participate wholeheartedly in the improvement of my technical and musical skills. I am extremely thankful to the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all of its generous sponsors because my family could not afford to pay for Willamette, and now thanks to their contribution toward my future in education, I am able to fulfill that destiny. Having been turned down from a number of other competitive scholarship funds, my family and I were ecstatic when we were notified of my reception. I plan to cherish this scholarship and use it to my advantage in college by studying hard and learning well.

Shan Ning Ye
Salem, OR

Hi, my name is Rita Mellinda T. Yinug. I am from a very small island in the Pacific called Yap! In college, I want to study American Sign Language Interpretation and to help the deaf people on my island who are suffering so much because of their lack of a "voice" in communicating. My foremost goal is to come back home to my island and work for the department of education and teach sign language to our special needs students.

When I received the APIASF letter, I was so scared to open it. So my dad was the one who opened it for me. As he began to read, he began to smile and all of a sudden he picked me up and hugged me! My mom was so happy that she just sat there thanking our Almighty Father. I was so happy and glad that I was awarded the APIASF Scholarship which will help me to meet my financial needs in college.

I would also like to give thanks to the APIASF selection committee for giving me this wonderful opportunity to pursue my educational goals and help acquire the skills to help the special needs students here on Yap. I want to encourage all students to continue with their studies and to continue to apply for scholarships such as the APIASF. On Yap, APIASF provides hope and financial relief for families and students. Once again, I thank you on behalf of my parents and my state! You have helped to give me the opportunity to go to college and to come back and help the special needs students on my island.

Rita Yinug
Colonia, Yap, FM

I am Jay Zhang, of Francis Lewis High School in New York City. My plans for the future include going to college and attending a great architecture program. In going into architecture I am allowed to see beauty in a whole new perspective. I plan to be a wealthy architect, but also being helpful to the community. My family was very proud of me when I won this scholarship, understanding that I had come so far in my years and that any small rewards are great to hear from. The scholarship will help me pursue my goals by providing an amount of money that can ease my troubles of paying for loans through the years. I want to thank APIASF for allowing an opportunity for me as well as other winners to receive money for college. Appreciation is a key in life's goodness; therefore I will honor this reward in memory of the good people of this world.

Jay Zhang
Ridgewood, NY

In the future, I plan on majoring in Accounting and Sociology and then becoming a lawyer for underrepresented people in my community. Too many people are forced into poverty because of the lack of resources available for them. Without a lawyer, people cannot effectively defend themselves in court. Homes, children, and jobs are taken away because these people do not have a lawyer to help. I want to help improve people's lives by simply donating some of my time for their cases.

By becoming a lawyer, not only can I help impoverished people, I can also help non-profit organizations who cannot afford a lawyer. These non-profit organizations provide our country with resources that the government does not provide. Some people's lives depend on the non-profit organizations. For example, the government dares not to provide programs for teenage mothers; however certain non-profit organizations provide for these teenage mothers invaluable resources. Frequently these organizations get sued for trying to prevent teenage pregnancies and helping teenage mothers. I could help defend these organizations by becoming a lawyer.

In my wildest of dreams, I want to become a congresswoman or a senator. I am completely aware of the difficulty of becoming a female and Asian American politician; however it is a goal I will strive for. In the United States' history, very few Asian Americans have entered public office; but I believe entering public office to help create laws is one of the best ways to helping underrepresented people. Long term laws are the most effective and permanent way to improve people's lives. I am an Asian American and I believe we are underrepresented. It is my highest goal to serve in public service and help people in a larger perspective.

When my family and I found out I won the APIASF scholarship, we were shocked, excited, and happy. Two thousand dollars is really helpful in funding a college education. We were also really happy to learn that APIASF mails the check to us, because colleges like to take money from scholarships out of financial aid packages. Thank you so much for aiding me in my future, APIASF and its generous sponsors has given me great opportunities. I really appreciate the help I've received.

Zhen-Ying Zhang
Ann Arbor, MI

There has always been an unspoken understanding between my parents and I that I would attend a good university. They worked hard to come to the country and provide me with everything they could, and on my part, I made sure to take advantage of the opportunities available to me. Last fall came the time for me to toil through the dreaded college admissions process. After long hours spent hunched over applications and financial aid forms, I finally had all my decisions in April. I was no longer worried about colleges accepting me; instead my anxiety shifted to paying for college.

I resented the idea of being a financial burden on my parents, but higher education is not, by any means, cheap. It is for this reason that I so appreciated the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for granting me their scholarship. I had applied earlier in the year with a "why not?" mentality, not really expecting much. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I received the news.

I am truly grateful to APIASF and its generous sponsors, because I feel that there are too few organizations like it. The Asian and Pacific Islander community is often viewed as an example of the American dream fulfilled. However, because of our relative success, it often feels like there is little support or aid available to us outside of the community. It is the work of APIASF and other similar organizations that allows motivated Asian and Pacific Islander youths to achieve their dreams. I, myself, will be using the scholarship I have received to study either biomedical or electrical engineering.

Linda Zhou
Merrick, NY

"Suzanna, there's mail on the table for you," my mom said. I looked down and saw it labeled on the envelope: Scholarship America. "Oh great, another rejection...why bother?" I ripped the edge and pulled the letter out. I opened the top flap and it said, "APIASF" in big letters. "Dear Suzanna: ...," the letter began. The moment I flipped the second flap and continued reading, I began to shed tears. "What's wrong?" my mom asked. I read out loud, "On behalf of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and all of its supporters, we would like to congratulate you on becoming an APIASF scholarship recipient for the 2007-2008 academic year!" I began to turn red and could not stop crying in joy. It was the first scholarship I ever received.

This APIASF contribution gave me a chance to start my new college life financially and on a personal level. I realized how much it helped pay some of the tuition in my freshman year. I have gained self-esteem and motivation, encouraging me to apply for other scholarships to contribute more of my financial need. With this gift, I can continue in my education with great spirit I have gained ever since I opened the letter.

It is very important to me especially the fact how I have a big family of five daughters, including me as the second oldest. It makes us unique and strong with my parents' support to a huge family with less financial advantages. This does not make me any weaker nor make me feel ashamed. I am proud of my family's effort and strength. This is why the scholarship means so much to me being in this particular situation that I have now.

With this honor, I can set myself in pursuing the major I want to study. For all my life, I had this love for mathematics, which brought to my great interest in enjoying everyday math and having that motivational drive in always wanting to take different, challenging courses in this subject. From the influence of my father's ongoing business, my older sister's successful career and the experiences I had made me see that I want to study business with everyday math involved.

I know I can work hard to be the best that I can be and take chances that are necessary to fulfill my goals. In putting much effort and patience toward my work, I know I will bring my ambition and aspiration to a success in the pursuit of my education, and my career objectives.

To thank APIASF and its generous sponsors, I cannot express in such few words of how I feel. There are so much to thank on behalf of this scholarship. I appreciate their support and commitment especially their continuation for the third year of their scholarship fund. They motivated me to continue to work harder for the best of my future. I am grateful for their kindness and generosity.

Suzanna Zhou
Brooklyn, NY

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