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2010 New York City Regional Scholar Network Career Exploration Event

In addition to receiving financial support from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF), scholarship recipients also have access to programs and services designed to support them as they pursue their college degree. The portfolio of APIASF's programs is informed by a set of guiding principles, developed to guide us in our work with our scholarship recipients. These principles are based on the unique demographic profile of our students, and the current and emerging trends within higher education and college student affairs. As scholarship providers and educators, we believe it imperative that we consider these guiding principles in the development, implementation, and evaluation of any programs and initiatives that we offer to our Scholars. Click here to learn about the guiding principles that inform our work with students.

Note: Our programs would not be possible without the involvement and leadership of our Scholars themselves.
Click here to learn more about how our Scholars are engaged in the development of our programs!

See below to learn more about what's currently available to APIASF Scholars and Alumni.

APIASF Scholar Mentoring Access to Resources and Training: College to Career Transition Program (SMART)

SMART is a professional development program that focuses on developing personal brands, resume writing, and networking. Scholars are paired with a mentor who is a professional in their field and will guide and coach them in the transition from college to career.

This year, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Gloria S. Chan and Teach for America.

The 2017 SMART program will run from April 11 to June 6, 2017. See schedule of webinars below:

Mentor and Mentee Sessions: Four sessions scheduled in the following weeks at times that are convenient to both you and your Mentor!

Complete a SMART application here.
If you have any questions, please contact

Individualized Advising

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Scholarship recipients have access to focused advising and support from the time they start college to when they graduate. While APIASF does not provide tutoring or other types of direct academic support, staff members are available to answer questions, provide guidance, or identify strategies to address challenges Scholars are facing - whether related to academic life, adjustment to college, career exploration, or other concerns.

First Year Initiative (FYI)

first year initiative

FYI is a year-long initiative designed to help the newest classes of Scholars navigate their first year of college, understand their scholarship award, and learn more about the various programs and services APIASF offers to support its scholarship recipients. Each month, all first-year Scholars receive an e-newsletter full of tips, advice, and information written by APIASF staff and sophomore Scholars. Topics range from accessing academic support and understanding financial aid to getting involved on campus and helping parents/family adjust to having a student in college. The first year of college can be exciting and yet a little intimidating - FYI aims to make that transition a little bit easier for our Scholars!

APIASF & Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP) E-Learning Modules: Asian American Leadership Development

Since 2012, APIASF in partnership with Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP) has offered e-learning modules focused on increasing leadership opportunity, access, and outcomes for APIASF Scholars. Through this virtual experience, Scholars have an opportunity to explore how cultural values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are integral to fostering their leadership identities.

APIASF Alumni Network LinkedIn Group

The APIASF Alumni Network LinkedIn Group is a social network group that is geared towards connecting APIASF Alumni with key professionals, opportunities, and resources that are integral to their professional and leadership success.

The Gates Millennium Scholars


The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program offers various programs and services that facilitate academic success, leadership opportunities and professional development of GMS recipients.

See below to learn more about what's currently available to Gates Scholars and Alumni.

GMS Academic Empowerment Services (ACE)

The GMS ACE staff provides academic support for Scholars and Alumni around academic life and co-curricular involvement on campus in in their local communities. The ACE advisors offer guidance on topics such as graduate school, academic majors, getting involved on campus, study skills, time management, internships and much more.

GMS Leadership Development Programs (LDP)

The GMS LDP staff offers various events, workshops and activities that facilitate leadership, knowledge and development of Gates Scholars and Alumni. Encompassed in this portfolio of programs are week-long community service, leadership academies and conferences, campus-based student organizations and alumni engagement.

For more information regarding GMS Leadership Development Programs, please visit the following sites: and

GMS Campus Engagement Managers (CEM)

The GMS Campus Engagement Managers (CEM) initiative was established in 2011 to provide additional Academic Empowerment & Leadership Development support to current Gates Scholars and Alumni. The position collaborates with administrators and higher education institutions for the retention and leadership development of Scholars and to provide additional advising, support and resources. CEMs also work with institutions to develop summer and graduate opportunities and resources such as assistantships, internships and fellowships.