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The Asian and Pacific Islander American Community is one of the most diverse populations is the United States.

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Minority-Serving Institutions play an important role in advancing America's educational priorities.

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In an increasingly global economy, college completion has become critical to helping America stay competitive.

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Reading List (Representative List)

Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans
By Ronald Takaki

"In an extraordinary blend of narrative history, personal recollection, & oral testimony, the author presents a sweeping history of Asian Americans."

Letters from Young Activists
Edited by Dan Berger, Chesa Boudin, & Kenyan Farraw

"Meet the bold new generation of activists. Aged ten to thirty-one, these diverse authors are helping remade the world. They are atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim; queer, heterosexual, bisexual; Americans from every type of background, united in their vision for the world as they work towards racial, economic, environmental, and global justice."

Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People
By Helen Zia

"This groundbreaking book traces the transformation of Asian Americans from a few small, disconnected, and largely invisible ethnic groups into a self-identified racial group that is influencing every aspect of American society. It explores the events that shocked Asian Americans into motion and shaped a new consciousness. Helen Zia, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, writes as a personal witness to the dramatic changes involving Asian Americans."

Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White
By Frank Wu

"Frank H. Wu offers a unique perspective on how changing ideas of racial identity will affect race relations in the twenty-first century. Wu examines affirmative action, globalization, immigration, and other controversial contemporary issues through the lens of the Asian-American experience. Mixing personal anecdotes, legal cases, and journalistic reporting, Wu confronts damaging Asian-American stereotypes such as "the model minority" and "the perpetual foreigner." By offering new ways of thinking about race in American society, Wu's work dares us to make good on our great democratic experiment."

The Queen and I: A Story of Dispossessions and Reconnections in Hawai'i
By Sydney Iaukea

"In this exposé Sydney L. Iaukea ties personal memories to newly procured political information about Hawai'i's crucial Territorial era. Spurred by questions surrounding intergenerational property disputes in her immediate family, she delves into Hawai'i's historical archives. There she discovers the central role played by her great-great-grandfather in the politics of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Hawai'i—in particular, Curtis P. Iaukea's trusted position with the Hawai’ian Kingdom's last ruling monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani. As Iaukea charts her ancestor's efforts to defend a culture under siege, she reveals astonishing legal and legislative maneuvers that show us how capitalism reshaped cultural relationships. She finds resonant parallels and connections between her own upbringing in Maui's housing projects, her family's penchant for hiding property, and the Hawai’ian peoples' loss of their country and lands."

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America
By Ronald Takaki

"Upon its first publication, A Different Mirror was hailed by critics and academics everywhere as a dramatic new retelling of our nation's past. Beginning with the colonization of the New World, it recounted the history of America in the voice of the non-Anglo peoples of the United States—Native Americans, African Americans, Jews, Irish Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and others—groups who helped create this country's rich mosaic culture."

The Karma of Brown Folk
By Vijay Prashad

"In this kaleidoscopic critique, Prashad looks into the complexities faced by the members of a "model minority"-one, he claims, that is consistently deployed as "a weapon in the war against black America.""

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times
By Bernie Trilling & Charles Fadel

"This essential resource introduces a framework for 21st century learning that maps out the skills needed to survive and thrive in a complex and connected world."

The Sum of Our Parts: Mixed Heritage Asian Americans
Edited by Teresa Williams-Leon & Cynthia L. Nakashima

"This unique collection of essays focuses on the construction of identity among people of Asian descent who claim multiple heritages."

Asians in the Ivory Tower
By Robert Teranishi

"Asians in the Ivory Tower explores why and how Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) are important to our nation's higher education priorities and places the study of APIA college participation within a broad set of conditions through which all students must navigate as they pursue higher education."